5 Exercises to Dunk a Basketball

Basketball is a highly physical sport. If you want to improve your performance, you need to put in extra hours to train your body to retain all the power into giving your best at the ground.

After all, your body needs to be thoroughly prepared for the amount of physical exertion that is required while playing basketball.

I’m a basketball enthusiast and a player and I own bestbasketballmag.com I am here to tell you the five exercises that will change the way your body performs, for better.

These exercises will improve your power and performance at the basketball court, and help you retain energy without pulling your muscles.

Read below to find out more about the 5 exercises to dunk a basketball.

1. Ride the Ropes

Dunking isn’t just about your legs. You need to have apt control over your arms as well. Imagine jumping high, bending the knees in the air but still not dunking the basketball, credits to your weak arms that slipped the ball right out of your hands as soon as you were going to dunk it in the basket.

We wouldn’t want that, would we?

My Recommendation:

For this to work, you need a rope tied really high up to two poles. I would advise doing this precisely in a fitness training center, in front of your trainer and having a soft mattress beneath to avoid any inconvenience if you face a fall.

Now, cross the distance from one pole to another with the help of rope. You need to pick it from one place and move ahead, and then pick up another place and keep moving forward. Remember, you can’t use your legs to pace it up.

This exercise would build up strength in your arms and construct a strong tissue layer inside your arms that would help you dunk that basketball easily.

2. Squats

Squatting is important, but we all know that already. However, I’m going to tell you to try another form of squatting that would particularly improve your vertical leap and make your crouch and thighs more flexible.

This exercise is my personal favorite when it comes to dunking a basketball right, and I am pretty sure you’ll find it extremely helpful

My Recommendation:

Stand straight with your chest and head held high. In the same position, lower your body and stay in a squat. For this to really work, you need to put more weight on your hips.

Make sure that your back is straight to build the right posture. Stay in this position for two seconds and then instantly stand up in your previous position. Repeat these steps at least 30 times.

If you have strength, you can go as far as 40 but remember to never overdo it. You want your muscles to endure all pain and build strength, not tear off the ligament in the form of aggressive training.

3. Toe Jump

To put more focus on building calf muscles, this exercise has been included in the list. Through this exercise, you’ll get power in your calf and build a certain sturdiness in your calf muscles that would help you jump high and maintain your solidity and stability to help you dunk better.

My Recommendation:

Stand straight with your chin high. Make sure that your feet are wide apart. Now rise up by putting your weight over your toes.

Give it a minute, and then go back to your initial flat-standing posture. Keep repeating these steps for at least 30 times.

This will add strength in your toe muscles which will consequently help you run and jump better.

4. Run-drop

This particular technique of exercise came as an inspiration to me when I was grinding hard for a game which was the very next day.

My coach asked me to work on my dunking techniques more, and that really got me thinking. Next thing you know, I created my very own version of the exercise that actually helps me revive up my tissues and give them robustness and strength.

My Recommendation:

For this exercise, you need to run up three steps and then drop the ball. Then again run three steps, drop the ball. Repeat these steps for 30 times and wake your tissues up and remind them what they are supposed to do

Bonus Tip:

This is quite a rigorous exercise, so make sure you wear good quality basketball sneakers or shoes to give strength to your tissues. You don’t want to end up getting hurt in the name of exercise. Rather, you want to improve your dunking skills and the right shoes will act as your foot saviors. Trust me, I’m the expert

5. Pull-ups

It comes as no surprise that pull-ups are extremely important in giving your chest the appropriate strength so that it can contain your body mass properly. Pull-ups also help build arm muscle, so in a way, you get twice the benefits in one exercise.

My Recommendation:

Perform at least 30 pull-ups each day to help your body gain more control, build toughness and the right kind of firmness that it needs for you to dunk the basketball properly.


Be it pull-ups, squats or toe-jumps, it is important that you perform the exercises regularly to see the effects. We hope that you are able to play your utmost best after following these exercises and my recommendations.

Happy playing!