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8 Top Places To Buy A Home In Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful and diverse state. With mountains and beaches, it’s an excellent place for any budget. If you wish to buy a home in Arizona, you have reached the right place. There are around 3,005,509 housing units in Arizona.

The Eight Top Places To Buy A Home In Arizona

Top Places To Buy A Home In Arizona

1. Phoenix

Phoenix is a populous city in Arizona known for its warm summers and mild winters. It is also known as “The Valley of the Sun” due to the 250 days of sunshine per year. Its economy thrives on large corporations such as Honeywell Aerospace, US Airways, and Apollo Group. The median home price in Phoenix is $268,000 in 2019.

2. Gilbert

Gilbert is located southeast of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and has over 227,000 people. Although its citizens are mostly young families or retirees (the average age is 33), there’s something for everyone in Gilbert.

It is known for its open-air shopping center, the largest in Arizona and one of the top five in the US, but it also has more than 80 parks within its borders. The median home price in Gilbert is $200,000.

3. Chandler

If you try to buy a home in Arizona for business and pleasure, Chandler is for you. It is known as one of the most business-friendly cities in the US. It has an extensive technology base, with hundreds of high-tech companies such as Microchip Technology and Intel.

The median home price in Chandler is $220,000.

4. Tempe

Tempe is located east of downtown Phoenix. It’s known for its young population and the vibrant nightlife it offers.

Tempe has many bars, clubs, live music venues, and restaurants.

With the median home price at $229,000, it’s an affordable place to experience the incredible nightlife.

Tempe is known for its fun nightlife.

5. Peoria

Peoria is one of the largest communities in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The median home price ranges from $244,000–$246,000, depending on the area you purchase your home in. According to Forbes, Peoria is one of the best places to raise a family. It has good schools and low crime rates, making it ideal for young families.

6. Scottsdale

Scottsdale is situated around the pool of the same name. It has over 200 restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, resorts, and spas, making it a popular tourist attraction. The median home price in Scottsdale ranges from $755,000 to $1 million, depending on your area.

7. Avondale

Avondale is located west of Phoenix and has experienced significant growth in the last decade, with its population increasing by more than 20 percent between 2000 and 2010. The median home price in Avondale ranges from $188,000–$291,000, depending on your area.

8. Surprise

Surprise is located west of Phoenix and offers metropolitan living and affordable prices. It’s known for its many master-planned communities. The median home price in Surprise ranges from $170,000–$240,000, depending on your area.

Final Words

No matter your needs, there’s a place in Arizona that will fit them. Whether you are searching for a quiet neighborhood or exciting nightlife, Arizona has it all. So, if you’re planning on buying a home, remember to keep these eight great places in mind.