Air Compressor Safety Checklist: Don’t Forget To Follow

A compressor is used to store air, compress it, and then use it in various types of work performed by pneumatic tools. With the use of this equipment, we can do painting, cleaning, use such pneumatic tools as grinders, wrenches, or guns, use to inflate wheels and even for various sports accessories.

The quietest air compressor are equipped with different sound absorbing materials to keep the sound dB level within tolerable limit. Sometimes they also equipped with several extra air tools like paintball guns and sporting pistols. 

Use as intended 

However, such a standard tool requires learning the principles of safe operation. As a user, before buying, first of all, we should check whether the good compressor you want to buy is marked with a CE sticker. It is a certification mark allowing the tool to be used in the US and proves its high quality and compliance with Us standards.

Besides, each manufacturer warns that the compressor should be used for its intended purpose as described in the operating instructions. And compressors used in industry, and more precisely a pressure tank, should be reported to the Office of Technical Inspection.


First of all, as in any workplace at which we use the compressor should be kept clean. Proper lighting of the stand is also the basis. Also, do not use the compressor near flammable liquids, dust, or gases. Unauthorized persons, especially children, must not be allowed to work. 

Electrical safety

To guard against electric shock, do not modify the plugs in any way, do not use extension cords, and do not touch the grounded or shorted ground. Also, the tool should not be used in humid conditions, because moisture entering the engine or pressure switch may cause electric shock. It is too dangerous to use the connection cord to move the tool and should not be exposed to heat, oils, or sharp edges. 

Personal Security

To take care of your safety, do not use the compressor in case of physical or mental illness, and under no circumstances when you are under the influence of alcohol, medicine, or drugs. It is good to use protective clothing, non-slip footwear, and a dust mask during work.

Also, do not work in loose clothing with items that may catch on moving parts of the machine. Before turning the tool on, make sure that the switch is in the off position. 

How to care for the device?

To use the compressor for a long time, you must be taken for it. First of all, the device must have adequate power for the work performed. Each tool in its manual has parameters to work under what conditions it is intended. In the event of a breaker that allows an immediate emergency shutdown of the air compressor, do not use the equipment before repairing the damage. After each use of the tool, it must be disconnected from the power supply and secured.

For proper operation of the compressor, periodic maintenance is required. From time to time, check concentricity, non-sticking of moving parts, cracks, or other damage. Regularly clean the compressor and take care of its technical condition. And in case of failure, turn off immediately and disconnect from power.

Repair in the event of damage to equipment should only be entrusted to a qualified person. Only original parts should be used for repairs if they need to be replaced. Self-repair may involve the risk of electric shock, so please contact an authorized service center.

It is also essential to check the status of the suction filter. In the case of regular compressor operation, the cleaning operation should be carried out once a month. In the case of a dirty filter, it is enough to clean it, and the damaged one should be replaced.

The initial period of use, after about 50 hours of operation, check all screws on the head and body for tightness. Every six months, the oil should be changed regularly (applies to oil equipment) and periodically topped up.

Safety of use

Before the connection, the compressor to the power supply, check that there are no damages on the surface of the device, and check the functionality of the switch and the pressure vessel. It is essential to ensure that the electrical connection socket has a pin connected to the grounding installation.

All ventilation openings must be free of dirt. When using an oil compressor, it is necessary to check whether the body contains a sufficient amount of it, because operation in its absence or insufficient quantity may damage the device and also void the warranty. Also, do not clean the compressor with an open water jet rather than expose it to rain. Similarly, do not operate the compressor with wet hands, barefoot, or wet shoes. It may cause an electric shock. 


In the occurrence of damage to the pressure vessel, the device should be immediately taken out of service. Under no circumstances should such a tank be repaired by unauthorized persons. If you notice corrosion that could affect the tightness of the container, replace it immediately.