Apps Like Showbox 2019 – Showbox Alternative

A few days ago, it was seen that Showbox, one of the hugely popular streaming apps is not working. As stated by new updates, Showbox is working now but users may now face some security issue while downloading it on their smart android devices.

However, there are other more good apps like Showbox that users can download for watching movies and series. In the post, we will discuss such great alternatives to watch movies online free in brief, but before that let’s have a look at what Showbox app is what was some reason for its popularity

Showbox is one of the most popular entertaining all in one application which was designed for android users. The app is popular almost all over the world as it offers a great collection of movies on Android for free.

The app is not only popular for the stuff it is offering for free but it has successfully served extra and amazing features for its millions of users having android smartphone device. Based on internet speed, the app allows users to choose the desired resolution.

Apps Like Showbox

The app can serve you movies from any genre including thriller, comedy, crime, romance, action from its vast collection.

In short, Showbox is the kind of entertaining application that can serve you the results as you want with extraordinary features. That’s also the reason, which results in some disadvantages unlikely.

However, As Showbox serves high-quality stuff for free, users generally face problems due to immense traffic or users load on-site. In such cases, Showbox alternatives can help you in a great way matching the quality of Showbox.

There are numbers of Showbox alternate application has come in the market for free. These Showbox alternative apps are favorable also as these apps can successfully serve the same stuff for android users for free even in a better way.

Here we have brought you the best Showbox alternatives that you can use further with finding a place where you can get a collection of great movies for you to watch. Rather than over-dependent on one application, one should know about these Showbox alternatives also.

Let’s have a look at some of the top streaming apps, which are being liked by people a lot these days.

1. Cinema APK

1. If you do like to relax and enjoy movies and TV shows, you may download the Cinema APK video-on-demand applications on your smartphone. Cinema APK is the upgraded version of HD Cinema APK.

2. It is one of the has a near-perfect similar app like Showbox for android. The only difference between both of the app is its theme as Cinema HD APK comes with an orange theme while the app Showbox comes with a blue theme. The app presents you lots of HD content to watch.

3. If it talks about safety, Cinema HD is a safe application that you can use as while playing movies or TV shows it will not show any illegal pirated content. It only acquires online Movie links from various HD sources and provides a clean interface.

4. Till then Cinema APK was only for android, but now it supports the availability on multi-platforms. The app can be installed on iOS, Android, FirestickTV or Fire TV and even on your Windows PC/MAC Laptop or Computers. The multi-platform availability of Cinema APK is one of the major reasons behind its exponentially increasing popularity.

5. Availability of almost all the latest content is also one of the reasons he other reason for its increasing popularity if it is compared with others. 

2. Stremio

1. Stremio is another app like Showbox which is a one-stop solution for video content aggregation. The app permits you to find and watch video from different-different sources allowing you to arrange them systematically on any devices like iOS, Android, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone or whatever you own.

2. With Stremio, on a single app, you can assemble content to watch from most favored platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others. In other words, Stremio is one app to reach out to multiple platforms at once.

3. To download the app simply go to its official website. Now select the version as per the requirement of your operating system, click to download, install and done.

3. Tubi TV

1. Due to your hectic or busy schedules, if you are not able to go to watch movies in a multiplex, you can download the Tubi TV app. This is one of the best or similar apps like Showbox for iPhone, PC, and android.

2. It allows you to latest shows, series and watches for free. However, it is free to use but supporting 100% ad-services. While watching a movie or episode you may see commercial advertising at the starting or in the middle of the video.

3. You can connect it with Apple TV, PS4, Xbox or with your Android as well as Android devices. It is an American based service app and got much popularity here.

4. You may use Tubi TV on their official website. Here you may explore and play your favorite entertaining stuff as well as you can download the app for iOS and Android devices.

4. Viewster

1. Viewster is a global video app that was launched in 2007. As you can see, it’s still in demand because of its surprisingly good shows, movies, and on-demand videos.

2. It is also the one-stop video app and much similar to Tubi TV. Like Tubi TV it also offers you ad-supported free on-demand videos that you can play on its website on downloading its iOS and android app.

3. The other most important thing about this app is no user registration will be required to use the app and it comes with features like you can change the picture quality as you required with HD button at the bottom of every video.

5. Netflix

1. Netflix is another one of the best apps like Showbox for Android, iPhone, and PC as well. The app was launched by Americal entertainment company and successfully it’s serving its digital content since 1977.

2. One of the good things about Netflix is that you can now save the NetFlix videos on your devices and can watch them later. Here you will get almost all the latest stuff for movies, series, and shows from Hollywood.

3. Here it should be remembered that Netflix doesn’t offer free services, it will only offer you a free month trial at the starting which is only possible when you choose a plan and your payment option for later.

4. You can download the NetFlix app for any smart devices like iOS or Android. While downloading you will have two options to choose out, either you want to download in standard or high quality. Choose one option you would like to download with and Done!

6. Popcorn Time:

1. Popcorn is one of the most flexible and is multi-platform applications and have found one of the best apps like Showbox and can be downloaded for PC, Android, iOS.

2. The app comes with features like other above discussed, as you can download and change the interface according to you required. 

3. You can easily connect it with your smart TVs but its drawback has been seen that it might crash now without any notice.

4. The interface of Popcorn Time app is much similar to Netflix as the thumbnail and video title it will present to you will be in the same manner to Netflix.

5. As it is a BitTorrent client, it also offers video downloading services. When you click on the video title, the film will be through BitTorrent client.

7. Prime Videos:

1. Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming apps like Showbox launched by Amazon. It is also America based video streaming services and is available worldwide. If you want to enjoy videos, movies or TV shows with Prime Videos, you will need to pay out for it.

2. Prime Video has 30 days free trial, after that, you can join the Prime either on a monthly or yearly payment. The monthly payment in India will be starting from Rs.129 while yearly payment will be Rs.999.

3. If it talks about the video quality, it could support 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) with Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus audio.

8. Playbox HD:

1. The Playbox HD app could be the best Showbox alternative for you as according to users it is the one-stop on-demand video app that is packed with unlimited HD animes, movies and other more entertaining content to stream for free.

2. The app was launched specially for the android platform but iOS users may also download it to their devices in a certain way.

3. The interface of this app is the same as an interface to Showbox offering a great deal of substance in HD. Whatever gadgets you own either it is your smartphone, workstation PC or any other smart devices, it will enable you to stream content.

4. The good side of this app is, no membership charges will be applied on you as well as no top-notch rendition you will need to pay to get extra highlights. If you want to have superior client experience you may play their videos on gadgets having a bigger presentation.

I hope, all the discussed streaming apps like Showbox, will help you out to enjoy a movie or show time. The only thing, at last, we will suggest to you to download and watch safely, as while surfing them on the internet, you will find their APKs for most of them at random-looking websites. Downloading APKs from these websites could bring up the malicious program in your devices, so afterward don’t miss out to run a quick antivirus check. Enjoy watching!