5 Basic Car Care Tips – Some Essential Car Care Tips

Your need to service your car regularly to stay in good condition at all times. This gives you a smooth operation and also boosts its longevity. Whether your car is new or old, it will require utmost care to avoid damages and breakdowns that will later cost you much than it would if it got serviced. Grumpy Mechanic recommends below 5 basic car care tips.

Park in A Shade

This will help take care of the car’s interior parts and prevent it from Ultra Violet Rays (UV) from the sun. Alternatively, you can tint the mirrors or car shade if you do not have access to a shaded parking area.

Check The Tires

Regularly check the pressure in your tires and ensure they have the right amount of pressure. You should not over-inflate or under-inflate your tires.  Inflate following the manufacturer’s instructions. If the tires have uneven wear, you need to organize and do wheel realignment.

When you have uneven wear, there is a great probability of having the shock absorbers also worn out.  Therefore, you should check them regularly. You should check the alignment of the wheels of your car after every fifty thousand kilometers.

Ensure Your Car Battery Is In Good Condition

Batteries do not require much care, but you need to increase its lifespan. You can achieve this by keeping all the terminals clean. Regularly clean the terminals with a soft cloth wrung out of plain or detergent water. Check for any damages that need to be correction or replacement.

Insure Your Car

You need to register your car with a well-known insurance company. This will ensure your car if it gets damaged or if it is involved in an accident. You will have your car well repaired, and If there is a need for replacement, it will be replaced with original parts that are direct from the manufacturer. There will be no different brands or counterfeits. The insurer should also give a guarantee on the repairs done.

Regularly Clean Your Car

You need a clean car, just like your surroundings. This gives you comfort as well as peace of mind. Cleaning your car will make it corrosion free, and it will have a shiny appearance. Clean both the inside and the outside parts of the car. If there are stubborn stains on the mats, you may opt to vacuum clean them or use an abrasive to get rid of them.

Dry the mats thoroughly to give a good scent and not to be a dump. Use a dashboard spray to clean the dashboard as it also leaves a shiny appearance. You can use an air conditioner in your car to give it a good scent if you like. You should ensure you clear your car engine at least once a year. This makes it easy for you to spot any leakages from it and correct the faults.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you take great care of the engine’s interiors. Use plastic bags to cover them for protection. Scrub the engine and rinse off well. You may also opt for steam cleaning for your engine.

When using a used car, you must change your oil regularly to maintain it. Changing the oil regularly will help eliminate unnecessary metal parts and dirt that might have accumulated in the oil. As you change the oil, remember to change the oil filters too.


Your car deserves the best of the services for it to last longer and gives back good services. Old cars require much care than new ones to keep them functional. Of most importance, make sure you have registered your car under a well-known insurer. This will ensure your car in case of any accidents or any damages and replacement will be done. By so doing, you will keep your car in the best condition ever.