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Benefits Of Badminton Game – Why You Play Badminton Today

Badminton is one kind of sports, similar to tennis that still is played by people in today’s world. Even if we can say that the technology that we have nowadays can make people busy doing things online, there are still people who choose to make this game as part of their free time. According to pledge sports, approximately 220 million people around the world are still playing badminton today. Whilst, BBC sports academy says that this non-contact sport is hot in countries like China, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom and is the second participated sport worldwide next to soccer (football).

What do you think why those 220 people are still playing badminton and never get trapped by technological advancement? There a lot of reasons for it, and they all tackle health, mental and social aspects. Below are the benefits of a badminton game.

Benefits Of Badminton Game

Weight Lose

To start, one benefit of a badminton game is the player’s ability to lose weight. One study showed that when someone plays badminton in one hour, he/she can burn around 480 calories, an amount that is highest among that sports like martial art. But how does badminton game help burn such a number of calories? Badminton’s best has three explanations for this question. One of its articles states that badminton can get into that number of calories lose because the game is like a high-intensity interval (HIIT) training which levees a player to experience a super thirst and intense heart-pumping.

Heart Function Improvement

It is partly stated above that playing badminton game can lead to intense heart-pumping which is a good point in losing weight. But to expand about the benefits of badminton game to the heart, let’s talk about its ability to improve heart performance. Heart matters point out that regular playing of badminton has a beautiful effect on heart muscles and blood vessels, which can help avoid chronic heart diseases (CHD). It is because the heart muscles strengthen and the risk of getting blood vessels clogging decreases. The website also emphasizes that everyone should get a minimum of 150 minutes per week to play badminton.

Lung Function Improvement

Aside from the heart that we have discussed above, the badminton game can also benefit the lungs. According to the website named win max sports, when playing badminton, the function of the lungs becomes stronger and lung capacity increased as pulmonary respiratory muscles develop. Furthermore, and article on an Indian website called ZEE NEWS explains that jumping, running and stretching processes in the badminton are the ones that help improve that function of respiratory muscles.

Toned Muscles And Confidence Gain

Another benefit of a badminton game is that the muscles tend to be toned. Spiking the shuttlecock using the badminton racket set help to harden the macules.   As well as the abs, calves, buttocks, hamstrings, and quadriceps. As a result, when someone maintains good body shape after a workout, he/she can gain more confidence.

Decrease In Diabetes Risk

According to the world health organization, the latest number of people around the world having diabetes is about 422 million and 3.7 million of them get this world’s death-leading disease due to high blood glucose. In order to avoid having the disease, people should have to decrease the amount of glucose in their blood, and it is by decreasing the body sugar through playing badminton. Patient’s recent survey given to 281 health professional shows that 67% of doctors recommend badminton as a must-play sport for people having diabetes. See, that also an amazing benefit of badminton game.

Stress Reliever

Another reason why badminton is a must-play or, shall we say, a still-played sport is because it helps people get away from stress caused by their works in the day. After people played badminton, their mind is more relaxed and peaceful. When the mind is at peace and relaxed, people get tend to have a good mood and become motivated in life. Aside from these, they can also have a good sleep at night and avoid possible diseases caused by poor sleep.

Social Skills Improvement

Since badminton is not played alone, this game helps everyone to socialize with others. When you play badminton just for fun, then you can have more friends. Staff another once says, “if you’re looking for friends, joining a sports team is a great way to connect with people. “Badminton, after all, is a kind of sport that will help everyone with that dream.

There are still a lot of benefits of a badminton game not mentioned in the article. If you want to know what those are, you should have to play.