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What Are The Best BBQ Tools?

BBQs provide a simple, spectacular, and pleasant way of cooking your meat. However, if you want an enjoyable experience, get professional bbq tools. No one wants burnt fingers, overcooked beef, or even worse, undercooked pork.

Is it not amazing to use a meat thermometer that takes readings in just seconds or a spatula that can double as a knife or a grill brush that clears all grit in once sweep? Worry not, the following tools will be absolutely great for your BBQ endeavors this summer!

Spatula- Char-Broil Grilling Spatula

This spatula is of ergonomic design and ensures comfort as you use it in your hands. It is also light-weight and thus not tiresome to work with. To cap it all, with all these features, it comes at a low cost.

This knife-edge comes in very handy when you need to slice a steak to confirm the meat thermometer’s readings, very amazing if you hate undercooked meat like myself. The other edge of the spatula is a great meat tenderizer and perfectly moves meat on the grill.

Tongs – GRILLHOGS Grill Tongs

This pair of tongs has a 16-inch handle that opens into an edge clamp, which provides a firm grip for heavier meat and easily flips the lighter ones. The handle is of ergonomic design, oak hardwood covers its stainless steel, thus protecting and ensuring comfort to your hands. After use, you pull the hook at the handle top to lock the clamp and use it to hang it until later use.

If you want tongs that are a little lighter, you can opt for the 12-inch or 9-inch GRILLHOGS Grill Tongs.

Grill Brush – Kona 360 Grill Brush

Cleaning your station is of utmost importance, but it can be quite a headache if you have a long session ahead. This grill brush is ideal for anyone who wants efficient cleaning but in little time. The bristles turn 360 degrees so you can clean the sides, top, and bottom of each grill bar with the grill still unturned.

It is durable and has a warranty [5-year]. It can be used on any grill, whether cleaning with cold or hot water, since it is tough enough.

The only issue raised by consumers is that the brush has to be properly dried since it easily rusts.

Grill Thermometer – Thermo-Pro TP-17 Dual Probe Meat Thermometer

It has two probes that are independently giving you the chance to check and monitor the temperature of different pieces of meat simultaneously. It comes with a preset standard temperature for all kinds of meat. However, you can set the temperature manually to suit your needs.

Its LCD screen displays the current temperature of the meat and its set goal. Once the goal is attained, the thermometer beeps and flashes, indicating the steak is ready. When grilling in darkness late into the night, its backlit screen allows you to note your temperature readings.

For any BBQ, know you are sorted [has a range of 14 to 572 degrees]

Planks – Primal Grilling Cedar Planks

When grilling delicate meat like fish fillets, you end up losing much of this meat as the fillets keep on falling apart. These extra-thick wood planks ensure your fillet [or other foodstuffs] stay intact.

In addition, they add a pleasant smoky flavor into the fish. They can be reused and for the best results, they should be well soaked before use and cleaned after each use. They also come with a storage bag; therefore, the soot produced after they are charred will not bother.


The list above shows the best performance tools derived from consumer reviews, the accuracy of the product’s claims, and actual testing in consumers’ homes. If you wish to buy a full toolset at once, CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set is ideal.

This set comes with a heat resistant glove, a wide spatula, a grill fork, and a grill tongs. It also comes with other helpful additions, is known for its ergonomic design and high durability. I now believe you are set to enjoy that BBQ this summer!