American Paddler’s Top 5 Best Kayaks for Big Guys: Are They Good?

AmericanPaddler is one of the most highly authoritative websites that review kayaks at present. Input “kayaks for big guys” and it will show first on the search list. If you’re large and are looking for a kayak that fits you, referring to its list might help.

I read AmericanPaddler’s review myself. The first kayaks on its list got my curiosity. That’s why I made a little research to verify if these kayaks for big guys are truly good:

  • Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12
  • Wilderness Systems ATAK 140
  • Ocean Scrambler 11
  • Dagger Axis 12
  • Old Town Vapor XT

I used info from other high authority kayak review websites for making this article. That said, continue reading if you want to get a second opinion before getting the top 5 kayaks from AmericanPaddler’s list.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Those addicted to kayak fishing want to get their hands on Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12. This makes sense because it has excellent weight capacity, a pedal drive system, and other useful features for kayak fishing.

Filmore District praises Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12. ” The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 is easily the best kayak for fishing”, the website claims. In connection, Filmore District’s review heavily emphasized the Mirage Pro Angler 12’s strongest features – the pedal drive system and the seat that allows for a comfortable riding position.

The same also goes for SupBoardGuide. Its review about Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 doesn’t have a tint of disappointment. In a nutshell, Suboardguide states that this kayak is speedy, comfortable, durable, tracks well, and very stable.

Wilderness Systems ATAK 140

Wilderness Systems is another very popular fishing kayak. Though finding an honest review about this kayak is hard, I managed to find a great article talking about the strengths and weaknesses of this kayak from PayneOutdoors.

The website’s review about this kayak is in the middle – not positive nor negative. First and foremost, Payneoutdoors states that Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 is more stable, more comfortable, and holds more storage space compared to other kayaks.

However, the website says that Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 needs more improvement. It faces issues with its self-bailing function and midship hatch.

Ocean Scrambler 11 Kayak

FloatingAuthority’s review doesn’t shame Ocean Scrambler 11. Accordingly, this is one of the best kayaks for big guys that serves for a variety of purposes. This kayak performs great for kayak fishing, recreational kayaking, etc. FloatingAuthority says that this product’s greatest strengths are its stability, durability, lightness, tracking, and price.

However, Ocean Scrambler 11 shows some minor setbacks. Kayakguru’s review states that this kayak lacks the features needed for kayak fishing and doesn’t have dry storage.

Dagger Axis 12

Dagger Axis 12 is another simple looking kayak that you might want to have. GadgetReview’s article about it is unbiased. The website states that this kayak is speedy, roomy, and very maneuverable. However, it’s not very versatile and might be too expensive considering that it doesn’t have a lot of features.

Old Town Vapor 12 XT

Last is the Old Town Vapor 12 XT kayak that looks good. KayakerGuide praises it greatly. Accordingly, Vapor 12 XT’s greatest strength is its spacious cockpit that’s useful for longer rides. Furthermore, its performance doesn’t drop even when loaded with gears. Therefore, it does well for users who love to carry a lot of equipment when kayaking.


List reviews are useful for looking at the best kayaks in the market all at once. However, note that they might be biased. Therefore, it’s good to read more specific reviews to verify the information that you’re reading.  Remember that the web is a repository of truthful and false information. So be smart and remember to do a bit of fact-checking.