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Best Night Serum That’ll Help You Wake Up to Better Skin in 2022

Some beauty products are the show ponies of your skincare routine. Like sheet masks, for example. Nice for your Instagram feed, but not exactly essential. And then there are the workhorses – those hard-grafting products like the best face serum, which actually make a difference to your skin. So why exactly aren’t we dousing our skin in this liquid elixir?

Outside of beauty circles, serums can still be confusing. Cleansers cleanse; moisturisers moisturise, but serums? Not so obvious. So, let us explain. Serums can be water-based or more of an oil. But always apply them after your best toner and before moisturising, with the intent of treating skin concerns – everything from dehydration and wrinkles, to dullness and pigmentation.

Put another way, serums make you glow like the galaxy and make your skin texture look like the smooth surface of a plum. Precisely why skin experts agree it’s the single most important product in your skincare regime and the one you should invest the most money in.

PotentLift Advanced Age Defense Blemish Night Serum

Caring about the face has always been one of the mindsets among people, especially among those who suffer from aging problems or some particular diseases that result in loose muscles of the face. Some medications cause the stiffness and elasticity of the facial skin to be disturbed, especially chemotherapy. potentlift night serum review

Approximately three years ago, I found out that one of my friends suffered from one of the worst cancers, leukemia. She had gone under a lot of severe treatments, chemotherapy and many surgeries. To everyone’s surprise, she survived and could beat that monster’s disease. However, one of the adverse outcomes of those remedies was losing all the muscles of her face. The skin of her face was in severe lack of collagen and any other necessary compounds. She started using a variety of different prescriptions to get her nice face back. Unfortunately, none of them brought her what she had expected. Her last choice was consuming Potentlift night serum. Since then, her face has been gaining back what had been lost. She also got help from advanced age defense Blemish night serum to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Now she’s so satisfied that she cannot stop sharing her information with everyone.

What Do The Best Night Serums Have In Common?

The best night serums usually feature at least one acid. The most common are hyaluronic, lactic, salicylic and glycolic or even a blend of all four. If you can tolerate retinol, look for a night serum with the trusted anti-aging ingredient to help tackle wrinkles and fine lines. And don’t forget your vitamins. You’ll also want a serum that absorbs quickly so you don’t have to delay hitting the sack.

Now that you know you need a night serum, it’s time to pick the one that’s right for you and your skin.