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5 Best Peephole Camera for Security Maniacs

Peephole door camera is an excellent way of tracking the traffic near your home. You certainly require a device that can record all types of suspicious activity outside your home. It will help you to provide the full safety of your home and family.

Criminals are much cunning and bolder than general people and hence they nowadays try to enter your house through the front door rather than forced entry. Thus it becomes very essential to have peephole cameras for providing full security.

But the biggest problem is that there are many brands available in the market that makes people confuse which one to buy and which you should not. But you can check the rating from JH Custom Homes so that it becomes easier for you to decide which peephole camera will be the best for you.

LaView Wireless Peephole Camera:

This is an excellent quality Wi-Fi doorbell camera. With the help of this peephole camera, you will be able to see your doorstep live with high definition.  The excellent feature of this device is that you can also see the recording in 720P HD. Since it is a wireless camera it is 100% wire-free and it comes up with a smart power-saving system that gets most out of the battery.

Apart from that if anyone touches your doorbell you will instantly get a notification on your smartphone. Moreover, there is a motion sensor in the doorbell that can detect any type of movement at your doorstep. There are a built-in microphone and speakers with the help of which you can communicate with the visitors inside your home.

Digitsea Digital Doorbell Peephole Camera:

This is another excellent type of doorbell peephole camera that provides an LCD screen night vision with a widescreen and automatic picture as well as video. This device is very simple and anyone can set up this device and use it very easily.

The best thing about this doorbell peep camera is that it works well at night as well and you can see the screen very large and thus it enables you to see clearly who is there outside the room.   

ZYLFN Home Wireless Video Doorbell:

This is another best peephole camera available in the market. It comes up with a wider lens and has night vision as well. One extraordinary feature of this device is that it comes up with three modes such as ‘at home’, ‘leave home’ and ‘do not disturb’.

This peephole camera provides you the best quality picture and as such you will be able to detect the person clearly who has come to your doorstep. The daytime camera of this peephole doorbell is reported to be very clear and distinct and the good thing is the night vision of this device is even better. Its installation process is quite easy and you can operate it without any difficulty.

Brinno Front Door Peephole Camera:

This is another excellent quality front door security camera that comes up in three styles such as SHC1000, SHC500 and SHC500K. One unique feature of this front door peephole camera is that the camera of this device gets activated as soon as someone presses the doorbell or knocks the door.

This doorbell peephole camera gives you a clear image during the daytime as well as night. Apart from that, the battery of this device lasts very long and you can trigger about 18000 times before changing it. That means its maintenance cost is very low and you can also install it very easily without any difficulty.

Greeter Plus Digital Door Viewer and Door Bell:

Last but not least this is another excellent name in the industry that can provide you complete satisfaction. The camera of this device comes in three different colors that include golden earth, space gray, and golden earth-plus. The best thing is it works without a smartphone and it can take pictures or can record videos of the daily visitors.

That means it can keep track of every person who comes to your house. Its installation is very easy and has a wider angle lens that can provide you a 165-degree view. It has an automatic motion sensor as well.