Bindi Designs That Will Match With Your Face Cut

Hello lovely ladies! Do you even consider Bindi when you have worn an ethnic outfit? Or, do you love to add Bindi to your traditional salwar kameez look? Well, no doubt that Bindi is an essential part of a traditional outfit and considered as a pivotal fashion accessory by women to apply it between brows.

Bindi truly enhances the beauty and charm of the face. Whether you are wearing a lehenga, salwar suits, Anarkali dress or a saree, you can add Bindi as a fashion accessory to flaunt your ethnic side at your best.

If you are going for a desi look this time, then don’t ignore to add Bindi in it. Even the young girls these days prefer to apply Bindi on their face whenever they wear Kurti or salwar suit because it’s a trendy fashion statement too.

Now, you will get different types of Bindi designs. If you have a small forehead, square face, round face or face shape, there are different designs in Bindis that you can add with your ethnic outfit to complement the entire look. Any festival or wedding occasion is incomplete without a traditional ethnic outfit, right? So is the Bindi with ethnic!

To pick an ideal bindi according to your face cut, here are some of the below-mentioned tips according to your face shape.

1. Heart Shaped Face Cut

Heart shaped face cut has wide brows, widened cheeks, and thinner chin. If you have a heart shaped face cut too, then you should only prefer to go with little or small size bindi that will only make the balance. If you will go with the bold bindi size, then your forehead will be more noticeable and won’t look nice. Hence, go with the stylish small size bindi with your ethnic wear to add beauty to your face.

2. Oval Shape Face Cut

If your cheekbones are a highlighting part and forehead is just in proportion to the chin, then you must have an oval shaped face cut. You can try every sort of bindi on your face as you have an oval shape face cut. However, you have to make sure that you don’t go with the long ones as they will only make your face look prolonged.

One of the essential things to remember always is that you bindi color can also match with your lip shade.  Isn’t it a great idea to enhance the beauty of your ethnic outfit with a natural fashion accessory? Not at all expensive but value for money for sure!

3. Round Shape Face Cut

The round shape face cut women can go with the bold and long bindi designs as it will genuinely match with their personality along with the outfit. Once you have added Bindi to your face, then you will truly mark a long-lasting impression on everyone wherever you go.

Even the little round bindi on round shape face cut will look great. You can check out the profiles of Bollywood celebrities, especially those who love to wear ethnic quite often to know more. Even the vertical style designer bindis will also match on the round shape face cut women. Just make sure that you pick an amazing design in Bindi and not something flashy or too old in style.

4. Triangular Shape Face Cut

The triangular shape face cut people usually have a broader forehead pointed chin and strong jawline. For triangular shaped face cut ladies, all types and designs of bindis would look gorgeous and amazing.

Explore the all new designs and styles in bindis and thy it on your triangular shaped face cut to dazzle everyone with your ethnic looks. So girls, are your ready to flaunt and dazzle everyone with your ethnic outfit and Bindi style?

5. Square Shape Face Cut

Those who have square shape face cut, then they have forehead, cheekbones, and jawline in the same width. Also, they have a sharp jawline! If you have square shape face cut, then you must prefer to go with the u-shaped bindi design.

Even the round shape bold bindi can do the wonders with your ethnic looks and personality. Nowadays, there are geometrical style bindis available, but the beauty and charm of the simple round shape bindi in big bold size and red color can never be matched with any other style of the bindi. 

To sum it all up, hopefully, the above-mentioned different styles of bindis and bindi designs will help you to choose the one that suits your face cut. Just look at your face cut and buy the perfect bindi to match with your ethnic wear!