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7 Safest electric scooters for the big guys who were afraid to ride scooter for long

Scooter is a real fun thing and that fun gets doubled when it’s an electric scooter. Why wouldn’t that be when you get to go 15 miles per hour without a pedaling? Being a heavy person you may feel insecure to have that fun.

Because most scooter companies do not consider different sizes of adults. Some cannot even fit into the scooter properly. Don’t worry anymore, because I got your back. We are going to discuss electric scooters that are for people over 250lbs and other stuff like good battery life and mileage.

QIEWA Q1Hummer 800WATTS (37MPH)

If you are familiar with the electric scooter for long then you know that QIEWA is pretty big in here. The maximum speed this scooter can go is 55km per hour. People who are 550 lbs. can also ride this amazing scooter safely. It is the first choice for overweight people.

Its PVC natural rubber has a higher chassis, dual shock-absorbing system, and double-disc braking system. All the hardware in this scooter is high quality and durable. The battery is 26Ah 48V 5C lithium battery and it’s foldable for easy storage.

Isn’t it all that we want in an electric scooter? What’s more, it’s a waterproof and foldable product. Storing it will be no big of a deal. 

NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter

Want something that outclasses other scooters in the market but not a big budget? Then this one is made for you. With the same price range its better than some other scooters. Why is it better? Because it covers 60-65 km at a time of its battery.

The 10 inches high-quality rubber tire can face any challenge that a road can throw. And comes with shock absorber too. If you ride a scooter at night the LED will show you road and give you safety. The alarm system will come handy too for catching a thief.

Doesn’t assure you with the weight thing? taotao scooter can come to rescue with its more power. taotao electric scooter is compact but not as narrow as the electric scooters, so you get space in there. To know more, you can visit ScooterInside for more information about it.


As you want the best we got the best one for you first. This GOTRAX GXL scooter is the most popular among scooter riders. The scooter has got a powerful battery and motor. It goes 15.5 per mile hour speed. In a single charge, it can get you to 12 miles.

Now you know what the fuss is about. The tire is 8.5 inches and air-filled to make the riding more enjoyable. You will not feel any bouncing effect while riding the scooter. The brake is also good for safety purposes as it can stop immediately. 

Homgrace Foldable Electric Scooter for Teenager and Adult

If you have never gone for a ride with a scooter then this one is great to start with. Its battery is 10.4 AH which will take you 30 km far in just one go. The maximum speed of this scooter is 20 km per hour. 350-watt motor and 8-inch tire make the scooter powerful enough to ride heavy adults. The price is very reasonable if you compare the quality.

The brake is good and kickstand will prevent you from falling in case of an accident. If you are nervous about the scooter then you can give a go to taotao scooters. It’s compact and good for heavy persons. taotao scooter battery is also impressive for long rides.

Segway Ninebot ES2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter Dark Grey

First of all, this scooter can handle 220 pounds. If that floats your boat, you may proceed. This scooter is for people who enjoy faster and farther from where they are. Go to a distance of 15.5 miles within one charge. The rear and ambient lights are great for night rides. It’s fun and gives you security by making you visible in low light.

The scooter goes 15.5 miles per hour. The scooter can handle 220 pounds that’s true but it looks lightweight. If you do not have much space at the house do not worry as it’s foldable and light you can put it anywhere.

Swagtron Swagger 1 Black High-Speed Adult Electric Scooter

Nothing matters more than a high performed scooter. The 250-watt motor is a beast and goes 15 miles per hour. The maximum limit of this scooter is 250 pounds. It’s surprisingly lightweight that weighs only 17 pounds. The digital control unit is a good technology that helps you to get information about speed and battery life.

The front suspension will be useful to track any bumps in the road. This makes the scooter very safe to ride. The battery is 3800 mAh lithium battery which gets charged fast. Lithium batteries are not the safest to deal with but the smart battery management system of the scooter made it safe.

In the case of overcharging, overvoltage or overheating the system will manage and make things right. You can buy elegant scooter without a doubt.

Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter

Heavy-duty, durable and sturdy is the way to describe this product. Normally it handles 250 pounds well, but adding hill kit will help more by supporting 350 pounds. Speed up the riding game as it goes 26 mph and the turbo for more speed.

It has an economy button as well to save the battery without any compromise with speed. You can go 18 miles with this scooter at a single charge but your weight and type of terrain can change it.

Final verdict

We tried to bring electric scooter riding in your capacity. You do not have to worry about safety if you are buying any of these. Do not overthink, just ride and go somewhere. So buy one and have fun with it. Happy scooter riding!