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Electric vs Manual Razors – Which One Is Better?

It might be so easy to provide a straight ford answer to such a question. The reason has been that different people have different opinions. But in this review, we will offer both the cons and pros of both manual and electric razors. In general, most women prefer manual shavers as electric ones. However, we also have those you opt for the electric one to shave their legs, bikini, underarms, etc.

What Is An Electric Razor?

An electric shaver is an electronic device powered by electricity that is capable of trimming away body hairs. They usually come into two forms; with cord or without.  If it’s a cordless less, it automatically comes with a rechargeable battery. The eclectic ones come with various attachment options like the exfoliating and trimming attachment.

In addition, you can choose either dry or wet shave depending on the type of electric shaver you opt to buy. The cordless electric shavers require time to recharge or replace after it runs out of the battery. While using the electric lazar, you need more passing enabling the shaver to shave correctly since the blades can’t be exposed.

What Is A Manual Shaver?

Manual razor is faster as compared to the electric ones. In addition to that, they are less costly and can be either disposable or refillable. When it’s disposable, then you need to replace the entire razor after a certain period of use. However, when the razor is refillable, you can detach the blade cartridge for easy replacing of a new blade.

Therefore, if you will be able to answer the following questions adequately, then you can now make a choice.

Does An Electric And Manual Razor Work Better?

Both the electric and manual are the best shavers for women. In addition, they all work effectively, but the manual razor opts to get a closer shave than the electric shaver. The most crucial thing when you are looking for the one that works better, then consider the shaving method.

Is An Electric Or Manual Razor To Use?

The manual razor opts to be the fastest way to close shave than the electric one. But when we talk about general speed, the electric razor is the quickest than the manual shavers.  The manual one removes the hair in just a few strokes as compared to the electric razor. It will also depend on the area of shaving as the electric shaver is very fast when shaving open areas.

Is A Manual Or Electric Shaver Safer To Use?

Both the electric and manual razors are safer to use, but only if they are correctly used. But you need to keep in mind that the eclectic razor is more reliable than the manual one. The reason bean that its blades are not exposed as like in the manual razors. Therefore, if this is the crucial factor for you, then you are free to choose the electric razor as the best.

Is An Electric or Manual Razor More Effective?

Both the manual and the electric are the best shavers for women. They all effectively shave well as long as you choose a high-quality razor, whether manual or electric.

As we have compared the two, let’s look at the pros and cons of each as it will help you in determining the best shaver for you.

Check The Pros And Cons Electric vs Manual Razors

Electric Razor


Speed – electric shavers are very faster as more full shaving heads are capable of covering large surface areas.  If the system is well equipped, it means that fewer passes are required.

Style- electric shavers have built-in trimmers, which makes it easy and practical to shave in different forms. It might be a bit difficult to use a manual razor.

Better for outdoor activities– electric shavers are great for traveling and other outdoor activities. This is achieved by their ability to work in different areas as no need to carry a brush or water.

Dry shave- the electric shave can shave without soap or foam. This factor makes it the most preferred shaver for women.


Loss of power –for the electric shavers to function, they need to be powered by electricity. Therefore if no electricity then no shaving

Noisy- electric razors opt to be noisy due to the sound from the buzzing motor.

Manual Razor


  • Manual shavers are less cheap and require less maintenance
  • They provide a close shave and smooth finish
  • Manual razors are easy to use as compared to the electric one
  • They provide a faster shaving technique


  • Prone to shaving bumps and cuts
  • They are tedious and slow as you are required to rinse after use.
  • The blades often to clog with soap, hair, skin
  • Requires shaving lubricants and water