Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod | Honest Review

If you are looking for such type of fishing rod, which ensures that you do not have to buy fishing rod every year as well as last longer time. Whether you are just a fly fishing starter or have a little bit fly fishing experience, then Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod is you are looking for.

Background of Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod

Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod

Fenwick is an old manufacturing company. Fenwick Fly Rods are steeped in tradition dating back to fiberglass rods in the 1950s. Fenwick now turned to graphite construction like other manufacturing companies. Now, Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod is a fast action fly rod.

Does not have a higher price. Fenwick Aetos has 17 different types of fly rods. Some of them are lighter weight, some of them have heavyweight, perfect for Spey casting.

The rod has awesome construction quality, attractive price and also perfect for all level of fishermen; from beginner to expert level. You will be thrilled with its Impressive performance and accuracy.

Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod Details:

  • It is a low range pricey product. So, it is simply understood that the fit and finish are not so high-end quality. But the functionality is okay.
  • The look is good, stylish darker blue rod blanks and silver trim.
  • Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod boasts AAA cork grips with a black anodized aluminum reel seat, which ensures the durability and sturdiness.
  • Constructed from lightweight graphite, it’s easy to handle.
  • Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod has fast action, which makes for tight loops and impressive accuracy. This rod gets an A+ in the accuracy category.
  • There are 17 different types of rods in the market. So, you can choose according to your preferences.
  • Have cork grip handle. This extended handle makes it much easier to keep your grip, especially on the heavier rods, and draw that hefty fish in.
  • Offers strong performance at 35 ft right up to 70 ft. Provides adequate power while casting.
  • The larger guides enable you to have smooth and staggeringly quick line speed.
  • As it comes with four pieces of a fly rod, it is easy for transportation and complete protection from damage.
  • Comes with its own bag and rod tube, so no chance of damaging.
  • The AETOS weighs in at 3.44 ounces, heavy for a 5wt.
  • The swing weight is a bit more comparable to other 5wt rods at 61.7 gm2.
  • Have great flexibility and great feel. The soft tip of the AETOS produces tight loops at close distances and an easy, quick casting stroke.
  • Lining this rod with a little bit heavy (half line size up).  Added line weight helps load the rod and draw a better performance out of the fast-action blank.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Price: $189, which is comparatively low.


  • Price-point.
  • Accurate and caster-friendly at important distances.


  • Missing high-end componentry
  • Heavy overall weight.

Do You Know About Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass Rod?

Fly fishing companies are so busy with new innovation, always looking for such construction material, using this material how can a premium fly rod be constructed? In the year 2000, while all companies were racing to be the fastest, Cameron Mortenson at the Fiberglass Manifesto though a little different.

He made a fly-fishing rod with fiberglass. His idea was to make such a fly rod by which all type of trout like Bass, trout, bonefish, Mako sharks can be caught.

So, here we are. Redington has an awesome fly rod named “The Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass Rod”. We are going to discuss this fiberglass rod here.

The Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass Rod is also three-piece fiberglass made a fishing rod. This rod was called the “pole with the most suitable name” by our group.

  • The fiberglass is known as T-glass, which are known as more chemical and temperature resistant from all fiberglass’s.
  • This rod has 6 variations. Each of them has different length and weight including a six-foot, two-inch, two weight. The seven-foot, six-inch, four weight came in the standard Butter Stick color combination of bright yellow blank, and orange and burgundy wrap.
  • This is a beautiful design fishing rod.
  • The T-Glass construction built on our Heritage Taper, a traditional fiberglass taper providing a classic glass feel.
  • The 1wt – 5wt feature unique all cork handle with slide rings.
  • The 6wt and 8wt feature saltwater-ready anodized aluminum reel seat and increased butt section strength for fighting larger species.
  • This is a slow action fishing rod.
  • The reel seat has walnut insert and brushed aluminum.
  • Both guides and keeper are quite standard dual foot designed.
  • This rod included Cordura-wrapped rod tube and rod sock.
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty.

Final World:

All the thing consideration, and with its construction, accuracy, weight, design, feel, the Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod is a winner. Such specification is available in more than $300 fly rod. Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod is a wise choice after all.