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The New Year and new decade are upon us and many of us wonder: what will 2020 bring? What trends will rule interior design and what is the look of the ideal home for the second decade of the new millennium? Since many homeowners are making plans to redecorate or remodel their living space, it is time to call in the experts and see what they recommend.

Key Home Design Trends of 2020: Something Old, Something New and Something Blue

Looking at the main home décor trends for 2020, we may say that the picture perfect home of this year is like a bride. Some new trends have arrived, some old styles are revived and blue is the top color of the year.

Now that we have your attention, let us tell you what the biggest home design trends for 2020 are:

1. Blue Is the New Black

As you may have heard, Pantone selected classic blue as the color of the year 2020. And home decorators embraced it (albeit with some changes in terms of shade). Blue is a color widely found in nature. It symbolizes calm, confidence, stability and wisdom.   

There are many ways to add blue to your home. You can create an accent wall, repaint a few pieces of furniture or place a few decorations around the room. Also, you can install a custom neon sign (You can check out Neon Signs Depot for custom neon designs) with a simple but effective design of your choice. These signs can be made of real glass neon or LED neon, depending on your preference for warm or bright light.

2. New Trend: The Cabinet Bar

The bar cart is out (literally) and the bar cabinet is in. Designers recommend a sturdy wooden cabinet, where you can display your collection of drinks and store glasses for all purposes. While it is harder to move from room to room, the bar cabinet tends to become a statement piece of furniture in every home.

Its role is to bring together people at parties or even during a regular weekend evening and encourage conversation. To add a special touch to your bar cabinet area, we suggest adding a specific neon sign above it, beckoning everyone to come and have a fine drink.

3. Boho Chic Is Back

After Hygge and its sober Scandinavian simplicity, an eclectic design trend is back. Boho chic is a highly personal décor style. You should bring together all the things that you love and define your personality, even if they technically do not belong together.

Ethnic prints and patterns, bright colors and unique, handmade decorations are a big part of the boho chic style. So, bring out all the rugs, cushions and souvenirs from vacations abroad that you’ve been storing away and display them boldly around the house. As an original personal touch, add a bold neon sign representing something meaningful to you (such as your zodiac sign). 

4. Recreate the Formal Dining Room 

The dining room of your childhood days is also back. The trend for 2020 is to bring the whole family back to the table at least once per day, away from smart devices and other distractions.

Interior design specialists recommend choosing a classic wooden table and upholstered chairs. They will make all the members of the family feel comfortable and willing to spend more time over food and conversation.

5. Enjoy Your Cheerful and Colorful Kitchen

Neutral colors are no longer trendy for the kitchen. It should be a place where the ergonomic design of furniture and appliances blends with bright colors that make you enjoy every moment spent there.

Patterned tiles, cheerfully colored curtains and a fresh coat of paint on the table and chairs will help you achieve this new trendy look in no time. Add a brightly colored neon sign inviting everyone to sit down at the table and your kitchen will look absolutely fabulous.

6. Big and Bold Artworks

Small decorations and miniature paintings have outlived their purpose in terms of home décor trends. Big murals, statement artworks that dominate the room and attract all eyes are now fashionable. 

If you do not have the time and budget to scout for such decorations, the simplest trick is to design your own fancy neon sign and install it in the living room or even on the patio, since LED neon signs are both for indoor and outdoor use.