How Does Domo Analytics Help Your Business?

Data analysis plays an integral role in today’s society. Every day, businesses are faced with making decisions based on data analysis. While many software systems help companies analyze their data, one is the Domo platform for analytics.

According to reports, the estimated total value of the business analytics software market in 2023 will be $57 billion.

According to an article published on Inc., its simplicity is the best part of the program. The following section looks at how each department benefits from an easy-to-use software system.

How Does Domo Analytics Help Your Business

1) Data Team

With so many data teams being made up of amateur computer science majors, having software that doesn’t overwhelm them with information is a welcome relief. Instead, they can focus on their job and do it more efficiently. Data analytics in all forms has become a crucial part of any industry, so having tech-savvy employees is essential to any company.

2) Business Analysts

If your business analysts are constantly yelling into the phone that they don’t know how to get the information they need, it’s time to switch them over to this program. If anything, they will be glad that they can easily access the information they need without struggling with the software.

3) Marketing Team

Each industry needs to have its own data storage for marketing purposes. Without the Domo platform, the chances of making a mistake are high. It helps to make the right promotional decisions for new products and services.

4) Sales Team

To stay ahead of their competition, they use data analytics extensively. For sales teams to keep up with their competition, they also need the same software type. Without such a program, teams will never meet targets as efficiently as possible.

5) Business Success

Using Domo Analytics helps businesses succeed in today’s modern world. The system allows employees to access and analyze pertinent data for a company at any given time. Since the system is so easy to use, everyone from the janitor to the CEO can access and implement strategies to help a business succeed.

6) Business Intelligence

It is pretty standard for business owners to be concerned about their data. After all, that’s what many companies are built on. However, if the owner cannot understand how to use it to make decisions, they’re essentially useless. It is why it is always essential for businesses to have a program to know how to implement their data.

7) Product Development

Product development is created by using a data-driven approach for those of you who don’t know. For this reason, having a program that allows for records and analysis is imperative to any company’s success. However, the key here is that they need an easy-to-use system that anyone from anywhere can access.

8) Finance Team

One of the most critical teams a business has is its finance team. For this reason, it is essential to have a program that allows for easy access and implementation of data analytics by them as well. The more informed your company’s finances are, the better decisions they will be able to make that ultimately contribute to the success of your business.