How Many Ounces In A Quart

There are different kinds of measurement system. Currently the prevailing measurement system in the world is British Imperial Unit, US Customary Unit and other local measurement that is used in a specific region. In order to know how many ounces in a quart it well be good know about fluid ounces and quarter.

Fluid Ounces And Quart

Fluid Ounces

Fluid ounce is a unit of capacity that is used to measuring the volume of the liquid. The abbreviated form of fluid ounces is fl oz or oz. fl. The unit of fluid ounces is volume. This measurement system is the unit system of British Imperial Units as well as US Customary Units. On the other hand the fluid ounces totally different from the ounce that is unit of weight or mass.


The quart is a measurement of volume that is equal to quarter gallon. The abbreviated is qt. The term Quart comes the Latin quartus followed by the French term quarter. Moreover in Canadian French the term quart is called pinte. On the other hand pinte is called chopine.

Currently the quart is measured in US Customary Units and British Imperial Units. The US Customary Units has both dry quart and fluid quart.

How Many Fluid Ounces In A Quarter

In SI unit a quarter is equal to almost one liter in the entire format.

1 dry quart is equal to 1.10122 liters

1 liquid quart is equal to 1.1365225 liters

1 imperial quart to 1.1365225 liters

The conversion of a quart to fluid ounces can be expressed in the following form:

Conversion Quart Fluid ounces
Quarter to US liquid fluid ounces 1 32
Quarter to US dry fluid ounces 1 37.23671
Quarter to British Imperial fluid ounces 1 38.4304

 In SI unit a quarter is equal to almost one liter in the entire format.

US Customary Units conversion:

The measurement form of US Customary Units has two parts. They

  • The liquid quart of US Customary Systems : For measuring the liquid or fluid substances the liquid quart is used .Generally 1 Quart is equal to 32 liquid fluid ounces.
  • The dry quart of US Customary Systems:  The dry quart is measured on a separate system . Many vegetables and fruits are also measured by dry quart. Basically 1 Quarter is equal to 37.23671 dry fluid ounces.

The conversion of quarter to liquid fluid ounces is as follow:

Quart Fluid ounces(Liquid)
1 32
2 64
3 96
4 128
5 160
6 192
7 224
8 256
9 288
10 320

The conversion of quarter to dry fluid ounces is as follow:

Quart Fluid Ounces(Dry)
1 37.23671
2 74.47342
3 111.71013
4 148.94684
5 186.18355
6 223.42026
7 260.65697
8 297.89368
9 335.13039
10 372.3671

British Imperial Unit Conversion

The quart in British Imperial unit is used for both dry and liquid capacity. On the other hand in French Canada the imperial quart is known as pinte as per federal law. So, 1 imperial quart is equivalent to 38.4304 fluid ounces.The conversion of quart to fluid ounces in Imperial unit is as follow:

Quart Fluid Ounces
1  38.4304
2 76.86079
3 115.29119
4 153.72159
5 192.15199
6 230.58238
7 269.01278
8 307.44318
9 345.87358
10 384.30397

Almost every country in the world follows the SI unit metric system for measuring the unit in order to avoid the conversion. I think, already you have got details about how many fluid ounces in a quart. After knowing the conversion of a quart to fluid ounces it will be easy to convert the measurement. The conversion of a quart to fluid ounces is discussed in brief as well as in SI unit.