How to choose a Drawer Slides

Do you want to choose the right drawer slides for your home? As I am a woodworker, I would like to share my experience with you to choose the right one. A drawer slide is a part of a cabinet or a drawer. Drawer slides are usually for 75, 100, or 150 pounds. There are types of drawer slides. But the most commonly used is the under-mount drawer slides and the bottom mount drawer slide. Also, have side mount drawer slides, etc.

This time, the only thing that comes to everyone’s mind. How to choose a drawer slides? Which one would be best for me? Then we say, one good slides gives your lifetime support. And if you want to know these, then follow our step by step guideline. And chose your the best drawer slides which is best for you. Maybe it helps you in selecting a drawer slides. 

Choosing the right slides:

It’s not too hard to like and also effortless. At first, you need to know which slide can be easily fitted in your drawer. Many types of drawer slides have in the market. You can’t use all of them. You need to use a slide. Here’s one more thing I need to clear. Why I say you can’t use all of them.

Many times there haven’t any spaces to set up a side drawer slides. Then you can easily use the bottom/under-mount drawer slides or also try to set up the center mount slide. And it doesn’t take a lot more space to set the center mount drawer slide.

Drawer slides you may consider:

There are many drawer slidess available in the market. But try to choose this type of drawer slides which is as follows;

  • Bottom mount drawer slides (It has to be set under the drawer) 
  • Side mount drawer slides (It has to be set upper side or middle side in the drawer)
  • Centre mouth drawer slides ( It has to be set middle side under the drawer)

Drawer Slides Features:

Every slides has some unique features. The task of all slidess is to support the drawer and support to smooth. Let’s see how to do that? Always before taking the slides, Check the Smooth and Closing device have there.

  • Easy to close, and slides include a closing device.
  • This device will help you open and close the drawer effortlessly.
  • Self-close, Progressive movement, and Touch release and etc.
  • If their slidess have any problem, you can change this at any time. Just do this using a screwdriver.

Tips for Choosing a Drawer Slides:

  • Always try choosing easy moving drawer slides.
  • Take the slides that can carry 100 pounds of weight.
  • Choose the easy setup slides. If there is a problem, you can fix it yourself, using a screwdriver.

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1)   What are the best drawer slides? 

Different types of slidess have in the market. But always try to use bottom/under-mount slidess or side mount drawer slides because they are easy to use and durable.

2)   What is a self-closing drawer slide?

The self-closing drawer means, when you attached the slides in the drawer, it will be closed and open naturally. That means the self-closing drawer slides.

Final Notes:

Drawer slides helps us in many ways. Why we need the Drawer Slides? Sometimes a lot of weight has to be kept in the drawer. During this time we have many problems. Then we can’t open or close the drawers, because of this weight. This time the types of drawer slides give us a great opportunity. You can easily open and close the drawer if the slides is fitted without the help of anyone.