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How to choose a right skateboard

When you think of buying a skateboard, there are certain factors to consider. Because a useful and accurate skateboard is the prime condition for providing outstanding performance, if you are an experienced rider, then you better know what features your skateboard should have?

But if you a beginner then there are few factors to keep in mind. Do not worry; choosing the right board is pretty simple actually. You will need hardware, wheels, grip tape, bearings, trucks, and a deck. We are here to guide you on how to choose the right skateboard. Let us discuss it:

1. Decide what type of board you need

At first, ask yourself why you need a skateboard. Because of your style of use, the skateboard will be different. You have to make sure that the board you are going to select fits your required functions. 

Just think are want a skateboard instead of the bike to go to your school or friend’s house? If you wish to the boar just for transportation, you will need a longboard or penny board. If you to do some tricks, you should go for a traditional skateboard like a shortboard. 

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2. Choose the right shop

 The appropriate shop is a very important condition to get the right board. Buying from a dedicated skate shop will make sure to get exactly what you need. Moreover, an experienced seller will be an expert to guide you on the whole selection process. 

As there are many weird materials like bamboo, fiberglass, or plastic, you should make your shopping from the local market instead of online to get a quality product. An ideal skateboard is made with 7-ply Maple and provides you a perfect lock, pop, and drop. 

3. Pick the right board shape

Many people think that all boards come in a flat shape, but they are wrong. There are a ton of options to choose from. Flat-cave, convex, asymmetric, w-concave, progressive, redial- all of these helpful shapes for the advanced level skater who can perform some complicated tricks better.

But if you are a beginner, then these shapes will not be suitable for you. We recommend you to go to the available simplest option. 

4. Pick the right size board

Four main sizes decks of a skateboard are available in the market. All are measured by the width of the board-full size, mid-size, mini, and micro. The full-size deck comes in 7.5 inches or wider. It is the ideal size for any adult. The mid-size is the most common beginning deck size for kids. This deck size is perfect for kids who have shoe sizes 7 and 8.

The micro boards are only 6.5 to 6.75 inches wide, which are the best for kids five and under. If your kid is slightly older, then mini boards will be the best as they come in 7 inches width. 

5. Choose a material

The Canadian Maple is the most common material in the construction of skateboard decks. The Baltic Birch plywood and bamboo are the other two most popular skateboard making materials. 

Plastic is a relatively much cheaper alternative, and usually, it found in penny boards. Besides, several boards of fiberglass and aluminum can be seen in the market. 

6. Wheels

Wheels are a very important part of a skateboard. You must find an ideal size and best quality wheel for providing outstanding performance. The park wheels are generally larger than street skating wheels. The street wheels are lighter weight and easy to flip. 

The good size of a street skate is from 49 to 52mm. For vert or transition skating, you should go for something around 54 to 60mm. 

7. Trucks

The truck size depends on the deck size. The truck’s size should fit with the width of the board’s deck. The sticking should not out or in too much. You need a truck size of 149mm for a standard 8inches deck. 

8. Do not bother much for graphics

Do not give much importance on graphics instead of testing the full potential on the boar. If your outward beauty is more important than the performance of the board to you, then it is better to hang it on the wall of your living room than do any trick on the road with it. Eye-catching board graphics can give pleaser to your eyes, but eventually, they will fade away after a few uses. 

9. Inspect the quality of the board carefully

It is a very important part before you buy your board. The wheels will roll more smoothly and easily on a good quality board. A good quality board will be more stable and easier to turn than a cheaper board. Before you pay the bill, you must check out the skateboard’s quality. For example, if your board uses a lot of plastic, it is definitely not a good board. Here are a few tips for you

  • The trucks attach the wheels to the board, so it should not be plastic.
  • For a better grip and smoother ride, the wheels should be made of urethane instead of rubber or plastic.
  • Do not forget to check the spin of wheels. 

10. Expect the right price

We again advise you not to go for the cheaper option. But you can expect the right price definitely. For your convenience, we have listed the possible prices of different skateboards below.

Plastic cruiser/ Penney board- $89.99 to $124.99

Longboard- $99.99 to $149.99

Shortboard- $49.99 to $99.99 

Do you think the prices are too high? But if you want to get all the qualities mentioned above on your desired board, then this price may not seem too high. The price mentioned here is not that fixed, because the price may be more or less depending on the features and size.

Wrapping up

If you are still confused about which board to buy, then do not worry too much. Just take some time to develop enough skill in your style. Keep skating and keep trying with new board and shape. Eventually, you will find which board will be perfect for your style. Do not give up, because you deserve the best.