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How to Choose the Best Inline Skates

With the many models of inline skates available on the market, selecting an ideal type can be a challenge. It gets even worse if you don’t know some of the most important things that make a good inline skate.

If you are having problems selecting the right one, we have provided you with a simple guideline. It covers some important considerations to check as well as questions frequently asked on inline skates.

So, before you buy, go through this guide and you will make the right choice.

Choosing aggressive skates/Brand

Selecting the best aggressive inline skate might appear such a hard task. This is if you are a beginner and is not familiar with the names of various parts an aggressive skate comes from. You will find that in choosing the best inline skates, you need to check on the brand.

Brands will be personal preference or recommendation. Be careful so that you have an excellent option if you have already identified the brand. If you are choosing a brand through someone’s recommendation, then you need to know that what works for one person might not work for the other.

So, identify the brand you need for your inline skates after a thorough scrutiny of the skates.


If you like skating, then you need to own skates. Do not rush to get value-priced skates that tend to be uncomfortable and reach their limits very fast. Low-end skates discourage one from skating.

Settle for is mid-range pair that is comfortable and efficient. So, consider your budget before purchasing any skates for yourself. Consider getting second-hand skates for yourself if you need comfortable and efficient skates.

Skates types

Some skates will be special to be a certain type. Others will be versatile and are good for use across different styles. The skates are in different types that you will choose from such as:

Recreational Skates

These are for casual and beginner skaters. They focus on stability and comfort and have that relaxed fit that requires little to no break-in time. The recreational skates have high-end performance features that keep the cost down.

This suits short and less demanding skate sessions. For beginners, I recommend getting a search skate with small wheels (78-80 mm).

They are for keeping the speed down and control high. There are three-wheel models, and wheels are 100 mm, they have short maneuverable frames, which make it easy to skate.

These types of wheels maintain the roll longer and get over cracks and bumps. On these wheels, practice on a flat surface since top speed is much faster.

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Cross-training skates

These are also known as X-fit skates and are for experts who skate daily. Skills and workout regiments vary, and so the performance features on this model vary too. A contoured fit improves performance though many are still comfortable.

Top speed increases with wheel size, and so does its ability to maintain roll and get over cracks and bumps. Tall skates have less maneuverability as compared to those lower on the ground.

Speed skates

These are skates in many designs for the enthusiast at a competitive level. Speed skates provide optimal power and transfer when they are the feet. They need heat molding and are not comfortable out of the box. The low-cut design of speed skates gives a full range of motion and has a good edge on large wheels.

These skates give longer and stronger stride. A skater needs to progress with this boot and at entry-level skates have higher cuffs for support.


While choosing inline skates, you need to identify who is wearing the skates. Skates might be for adults or kids and either male or female. For juniors, select an adjustable model. The initial budget will be bigger, but the kid can have the skates for longer.

If the skates are not adjustable, you can take skates that are one or two sizes bigger. Hard skates have good foot support that compensates for the growth of kids.

Sizing and fit for both girls and boys are the same but may differ only in color. The female skate boots have cuffs that are lower than those in men’s boot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which inline skates are the best?

A: The best inline skates will have their features going hand in hand with what you need. This is size, price, fitting, support, and comfort.

Q: What are the best inline skates for the street?

A: Rollerblade Twister 80Urban Inline Skates are the best skates for the street. They allow you to move on the streets, which is full of obstacles. The skates have a vented shell that cools your feet and features a lateral slider that is removable to offer you great support.

Specialized 5staer Fit Liner comforts the feet and acts as a shock absorber. It gives great performance and helps slide between pedestrians on sidewalks.

Q: How do you know what size inline skates to get?

A: You will know what size to buy since your feet should feel snug but not tight. The size is half size or two sizes smaller than shoe size.

Q: What are the best inline skates for beginners?

A: Bladerunner Formula 82 is a skate boot that is inexpensive and hence good for beginners. It has a soft cuff and therefore has a simple safe and perfect boot

Q: Are inline skates better than quad?

A: Inline skates are better than quads. They have four wheels arranged in a straight line. They are suitable for outdoor use, and they avoid obstacles, potholes. They give more support to the ankle and maneuverability as compared to the quad skates.


It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert in inline skating. You need to know what it is that you are exactly looking for in skates. Make sure the skates match skills level and are comfortable and support your ankles and feet. After identifying the features you need, then your skating experience will be great.