How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Dog

The possibilities of choice are immense! You have a dog bed at your disposal in all colors and shapes, so it is sometimes difficult to opt for one. In the following lines, we give you a series of tips so you can find the one that best suits your dog’s needs.

Depending on your taste and the requirements of your dog, we are sure that in our online pet store you will find the bed you are looking for: from the usual rectangular or oval to the most modern ones such as the hypoallergenic or the caves and sofas with designs Exclusive and innovative. Discover them!

What varieties are there?

The beds for dogs not only have to conform to the standards of fashion, but also the health needs can. Therefore, there are orthopedic beds or mattresses for older, convalescent or joint problems dogs. These also have proven the technology in human medicine: the advanced technical materials used, such as the well-known viscoelastic foam or memory foam, conform to the body contour, relieve pressure and favor the straight position of the spine.

When it comes to puppy beds, you should especially make sure they are robust; however, it is also essential to choose the right size. A bed that is too large for the puppy’s small body may not offer a sense of protection and security it requires. Although the bed you choose for your puppy will become small in the coming months, it will feel sheltered.

On the other hand, outdoor beds often have a waterproof cover, protect them from the cold of the floor, and are robust and perfect for small breaks during trips.

What consequences can have a bad choice?

  • Diseases in the respiratory tract if they are not well insulated from cold and moisture
  • Injuries to the joints or spine.
  • Muscle pains.
  • Dermatitis due to inadequate hygiene.
  • Heatstroke if you are not in a cool place isolated from the sun.

If the dog sleeps outside … How should his resting place be?

Ideally, it is to provide a place to shelter from both low and high temperatures. Pine huts are a good option for both winter and summer. What characteristics should they have?

  • The wood must be well treated and varnished to prevent moisture from seeping through.
  • The inclination of the roof will prevent rainwater from accumulating and ending up penetrating.
  • It must be raised with legs to isolate it from both the temperature of the ground and the weather conditions.
  • Inside, the mattress should be proportional to the size of the dog and with the appropriate thickness according to its weight.

And if the dog sleeps inside … How should his resting place be?

As always, the rules inside the house will help us create a routine. Therefore, the place where your bed or beds are drunk always be the same. This way, teaching them not to get on the couch or your bed will be easier.

In addition, we must place them in quiet places that are not passing through and where there are no drafts.

The characteristics that the mattress should have are the following:

  • The measure must be proportional to its size. Although the animal likes to sleep curled up, the measure should be the length of its body when it is stretched.
  • There are several types of beds. The choice of one or the other will depend on the tastes of each animal but the thickness of the mattress itself will depend on its size.
  • For geriatric dogs, an orthopedic mattress is recommended. With age, muscle and joint pain accentuate and it will help them to be more bearable.

In specialized stores, we can find many beds and mattresses of different shapes, textures, and colors according to your tastes.