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How to clean a blender

Certainly, cleaning a blender is troublesome! But you are bound to clean it every time and get tired of it. The reason behind that – you don’t know the exact cleaning process. As a result, your brain hangs! However, things are not as awful as it was before. After long research, we’ve found out some easy ways regarding how to clean a blender. I hope, it will make your days easier.

Be careful while buying a blender because the best quality blenders have easy to clean features. As per the report of Kitchenvarieties, you will get high-quality blender reviews there. Anyway, let’s return to the cleaning process.

Items needed during the process

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that you have the following items:

  • Mild dish soap and liquid detergent
  • Sponge, Q-tip, or toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Vegetable oil or olive oil

How to clean your Blender Carafe

Your blender may be in different conditions. So, a single process may not be effective in that case. In the following, you will have different tips. For better results, you can follow any according to the condition. 

  • Firstly, take some warm water and pour it into the carafe. Make sure that the half portion of it is empty, otherwise, the water cannot move perfectly while running the blender. Add sufficient dish detergent with the water and mix it properly by running the machine. You have to continue doing it until it makes proper foam and fills up the carafe. Finally, wait for some more moments, and you will get the thing clean!
  • Secondly, fill the carafe with water in the same way you did earlier. Then, add either some dish soap along with a half piece of a lemon chopped finely or some drops of white vinegar. Run the blender to blend the added things, and do it for some moments. Finally, throw out the whole mixture, wash it perfectly, and you will see the carafe sparkling like a new one without having any stain on and in it!
  • Thirdly, if the carafe contains some strong stains still, you need to use a toothbrush, steel wool, or a rough sponge according to the condition of the stains. Then, rub with the required force to abolish them from the blender carafe.
  • Fourthly, if you have a too dirty blender, no other process stated above will work well. In that case, you need dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda to make it clean! Hence, you have to make a mixture with the above products. To do it, pour sufficient baking soda, some liquid detergent that is used to clean dishes, and sufficient white vinegar. Then, make the mixture until it bubbles by running the blender. Stop the blender and keep the mixture for some hours in such a way that it soaks into the carafe properly. After that, clean it rubbing with a suitable sponge until looking fresh.

Do after the cleaning process

After the cleaning process of the carafe is done, you will remove the jug and keep it upside down in a proper place to dry. Remember, don’t use the lid until the jug is perfectly dry, otherwise, the inside moisture may lead to bacterial growth!

How to clean the base

Three things you have to consider before cleaning the base of your blender. They are:

1. Wipe the base of your blender properly:

Firstly, take some warm water and mix some detergent with it. Then, take a sponge and soak. Squeeze and twist it until it becomes less wet. Now rub throughout the whole blender base to make it clean. Take special care to the areas where liquids or foods are dried. Be careful! Never wash the base! Because it contains the control system and an electric motor. Pay attention to the exterior, not interior at all! If water enters the interior, you have to suffer a lot.

2. Clean the base of your blender before the liquids get dry

The cleaning process will be tougher if blended liquids and foods get dry. Never keep your used blender for later. try to clean it just after preparing food. At that time, you can clean it with ease! Moreover, it helps the blender to last longer. 

3. Clean the control buttons using a Q-tip

Some liquid portions may get stuck into the cracks of the control system. In that case, you can use Q-tip to make the control buttons clean. Q-tip refers to cotton swabs. However, soak it into rubbing alcohol. Then squeeze and twist the Q-tip and start wiping the dirty buttons with the help of it. Can you see the magic!

How to clean the blades of your blender

Cleaning the blades is also important as dirty blades will let the bacteria grow fast. So, to clean the blades, you can follow the following tips:

Separate the blades and start cleaning 

Now, another important thing you have to examine carefully! After cleaning the carafe and base, the blades of the blender may still have dirt. In that case, you have to clean them separately. To do this, you need to separate the jug and unscrew the blades as well. Then, take some warm water and detergent and wash them either with a toothbrush or a sponge. Some people often ask how to clean a blender motor. But you need not try that without the help of a technician. 

Apply Polident tablets to remove strong stains 

This option you should apply when your blades will have too much dirt. In this regard, you need to collect some Polident tablets that are highly useful to remove any kind of strong stains. However, gently separate the blades from the jug. Then, take some warm water and put the tablets according to your needs. After that, submerge the blades into that water. Wait a bit, rub them with your sponge, and finally, see the result with your own eyes!

Take care of the gasket

The gasket is used to separate the base from the jug. As it is made of rubber, you need to use vegetable oil or olive oil, otherwise, it may get hard. Always try to keep it flexible.

The Conclusion

Many people ask for how to clean a Ninja blender. You need not worry about that. Apply the same techniques stated above and stay happy.