How To Clean Interior Of Car With Household Products

Last month, I went to the local car repair and cleaning service company. They had brought the clean, shiny look on the exterior of the car well. I was not satisfied with their car interior cleaning. Then I got myself in a dilemma whether to knock them again and pay them more money or go for an alternative.

I was thinking about how to clean the interior of the car with household products without visiting the car cleaning service. I have searched many websites online for instant information. After gathering them, I started applying them accordingly and got a brilliant result.

How To Clean Interior Of Car With Household Products

Why Household Products?

You may think about what this article is about or why we should choose household products.

Yes, this article shows you why you select this option and how to clean car interior without spending an extra cost.

Benefits of household products to clean car interior are immense to describe. Here are some of the benefits of these products:

  • Easily available and affordable
  • Requires less cost than buying car cleaning agents
  • Easy to apply
  • Long term satisfactory result
  • No expert help needed
  • Easy to make a solution, mix or prepare
  • Saves time

I didn’t wait for finding a break from my tight schedule to take my car and leave that to anywhere. I took all the necessary ingredients and tools to wash out the car interior.

Let’s see how to complete the process of washing car interiors:

Things You Need:

  • Two waste boxes
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Clean, warm water-filled bucket
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glass cleaner
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Quality scrubbing brush
  • Clean towel

The Processes:

Follow these steps carefully to clean the car interior properly without leaving any residues:

  • The first thing you need to do is to switch off the engine and start emptying the interior part of the car. Put all the unnecessary items such as torn paper, chips or snacks packs, tissue box, etc. in one waste box. In the second waste box, keep the necessary things (you think) to use them again. Throw the first waste box to your recycle bin.

Cleaning The Soft Surfaces:

  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner and use the cleaning wand to clean the mats inside the car. If you smoke inside the vehicle, you should vacuum clean the ceiling of the vehicle from the inside. Also, clean the car seats, below the car seats and complete the rest of the floor thoroughly.
  • It will be helpful if you use crevice attachment with your vacuum cleaner. It helps to clean the areas where you can’t reach generally.

Cleaning The Hard Surfaces:

  • Let’s think about the hard surfaces such as dashboard, console, inside of the cupholders and other dusty areas. Use brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Pour a few drops of liquid dish soap in the bucket filled with warm water. Now bring the soft microfiber cloth and dip in the soapy solution. Take the wet towel and start wiping the hard surfaces. Wipe the dashboard, every corner of the steering wheel, console, door handles leaving glasses of the window. Rinse and dry the areas properly; otherwise, there will be dust attached to the surface. You can use optional cloth if the previous one becomes dirtier.
  • Look for any stains left inside the car. You can eliminate them with warm soapy water using the cleaning cloth. If it is hard to remove the stains, then you can choose the scrub brush. Dry the areas using a clean towel.
  • Rubbing alcohol is useful to remove the stains from the upholstery of the interior of the car. Take a clean cloth and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on it. Then rinse with a wet cloth to keep the interior smell-free.
  • You can bring the floor mats outside the car and clean them. Remove any stains using a scrub brush and soap-water solution. Then leave the carpets under the sun. After drying them properly, cool them and start using them again.
  • Now, it’s time to clean the fingerprints and hazes from the inside of car windows. Quality glass cleaner is perfect for doing so. Spray glass cleaner on the glass and use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the windows. If your car has any chrome surface, you can use the glass cleaner too.

Many interior shining products are available at the market. You can buy one right product to shine the car’s dashboard and all the hard and soft surfaces. Don’t forget to use a lint-free cloth. Regular cleaning keeps the health of the car interior very good. If you are aware of this, then you won’t need to visit the car cleaning service.

Products For Multi-purpose Uses:

There are more household items available which you can use cleaning car interior. These are some of them:

  • Vinger: Helps to remove the stains from the windshield, deodorizing the car
  • Dish soap: Used to clean the floors and seats
  • Essential oils: Natural air freshener, you can use it to remove bad odors
  • Rubbing alcohol: Dabbing the rubbing alcohol keeps the windshield clean
  • Toothpaste: It’s good to clean dashboard
  • Coconut oil: Suitable for conditioning and cleaning the leather
  • Fabric softener dryer sheets: Helps to wipe the dust from panel
  • Olive oil: To shine the dashboard, olive oil is better       
  • Baking soda: Great to keep bad odors out of the car
  • Baby wipes: Wiping the glass or panel
  • Windex: Works better than vinegar or soap to clean the glass


Cleaning the car interior at home requires a bit of your time and attention. But it is more helpful than leaving the car in other hands. You have already known that all of the above items are regularly used at home. You can bring them from your kitchen or storeroom. Just take them with you and start unloading the things from the inside of the car. Then begin cleaning by following the above processes.

I think these processes are straightforward to do. You alone can clean your car without spending extra money. This article has all the information you may need to complete the task. Start working!