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How to decorate around a wall clock

Wall clocks are one of the finest decorating pieces that you may come across. They come from different shapes and sizes.

Whether it is a cute little one or even an elegant masterpiece, every item has its own way to be decorated.

However, there isn’t any definite way to do that. Depending on the taste of the user, the decorating style varies from person to person.

If a person is new at it, some of the orthodox techniques might come very handy. Therefore, different designs should be analyzed.

Wall clock decorative home design

Modern home designs are a very good aspect of using wall clocks. Some basic information can be useful while setting up a room.

Whether the room is a bedroom or even a living room, wall clocks definitely enhance their beauty.

In usual cases, wall clocks are mainly placed on living rooms. While placing the item, some distinct places are given priority.

Now, you may want to know where to put wall clock in living room. In that case, the east, northeast and north sides of a room are considered to be the ideal ones.

Create green ambient

If you are a nature lover and have favorite vine on the plant, then small tree plants can be very handy in wall clock decoration. Small potted plants will create a great ambient in your room

Your wall clock will be looking gorgeous with the green plants. Moreover, You can stay with more oxygen in your house if you place some green plants around your wall clock.

Go for minimalism

Decorating around wall clock doesn’t mean you will place huge stuff around it. It is not a good idea at all. Rather you can have good decoration with very minimum stuff.

Use only small and significant items for decoration purposes. It will let you keep the wall clock as the main focus. You can use a small photo frame and mirror here.  

Gallery wall with large clock

Gallery walls are famous for their exquisite taste of decorations. The gallery wall might include a large clock.

If you take a closer consideration, you might easily get the hang of decorating it.

In general cases, the large wall clock is placed on the center or on the side of the composition. The composition may include photo frames and other decorative items.

The decorative items are usually surrounding the large clock which covers the wall.

While using the decorative items, shapes and sizes are kept in mind. You have to make sure that all of them do look good after putting all together.

Circles, ovals, rectangles and even square shapes are used to decorate the gallery wall. No matter how you put it together, it should leave a bold impact on the wall.

Decorating with antique clocks

Antique clocks are elegant decorative pieces. It dramatically increases the standards.

The antique clocks designs are unique and elegant at the same time. The vintage look adds a new dimension to the wall.

The antique clocks are generally placed alone. Again, it can be supported by other frames or paintings.

The supporting decorative items must compliment the wall clock. You have to make sure they go well with the pattern.

The antique clocks are quite expensive. Not only that but also the maintenance is difficult. That is why you have to deal with caution while handling these.

Using a Silent wall clock

You might find the traditional ticking of a clock annoying. It is very natural for anyone to think like that.

A silent clock is a brilliant solution to this problem. The silent wall clock is widely used for this unique feature.

The sophisticated designs make it more attractive. It can be used in offices, schools or even in houses.

Although you might not find a silent clock in an antique style but a huge number of variety is available in the market.

Thus, you can find the perfect silent wall clock to suit your choice.


There are an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to decorating around a wall clock.

Some of the basic techniques are discussed in the content which can guide anyone by building up the basics.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or an amateur. You should try on your own inventing newer techniques to decorate different types of wall clocks.