How To Fly A Drone For Beginners

We all have different hobbies that give us pleasure. Isn’t it? So, have you ever thought of trying to fly a drone? Flying a drone can become your main hobby. Today people are flying a drone just for recreational purposes.

Think about this. You want to have your drone, but you don’t know how to fly it. Don’t worry about this. There are several specific steps you need to follow to gain the skills required to fly a drone.

Just like the pilots’ practice to become experts, so also do you need to practice to become a competent drone operator.

We have analyzed steps by step that you need to follow to fly a drone. Follow them carefully, and by the end, you will have acquired some essential knowledge on how to fly a drone.

Instructions, How To Fly A Drone For Beginners – Step by Step

How To Fly A Drone For Beginners

1. Read the instructions and rules of the manufacturer

This should be the first thing you should do. By overlooking this part, it means you will not know the features of the drone you are operating. The manual will give you all the information needed about the drone’s physical parts and the technical ability of the drone, including the range that the drone can fly. Get to know all these, and now you are ready to go.

2. Charge The Battery Of The Drone

To enjoy you’re your fights without many inconveniences, charge your battery fully. If you want to carry extra batteries, make sure they get on well with your drone. Failure to that, you are sure to experience some incidences that would have been controlled earlier. In case you have some challenges in charging the battery, contact the manufacturer.

3. Position Your Drone

Make sure the area you position your drone is clear and safe for your drone. Position your drone ready for take-off as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. Understand where the head and the tail of the drone are. This will help you to position your safe facing the same direction as the drone. Always hold your position behind the drone unless you have gained some excellent skills to fly otherwise.

4. Turn On The Transmitter

Before connecting the drone’s battery, first, turn the transmitter on. This means when you are done flying the drone, first turn off the battery; then you can disconnect the transmitter. Never reverse this.

5. Exercise Take-off And Landing

Carefully push the left stick, which is the throttle of the drone upwards. Now you can use the right stick (pitch command) to make the drone move forward or backward. By pushing the stick up, it means you are moving your drone forward. By pushing it down, you are moving it backward. To balance the drone, hold the right stick in a neutral position. Keep your drone on top of your take-off position. Don’t fly too high or too far from your landing position.

6. Create A Mental Picture

Now you know how to rotate your controls. Assume you are in the drone and create an image of you piloting the drone from the inside. This will help you perfectly direct your controls.

7. Focus On Knowing Your Controls

Incase every time you are looking down on your controls before you do a maneuver, you will have a big problem. You need to understand how your controls look like and completely seal that image on your mind. By doing this, your eyes will be focusing on the drone and not the controls.

8. Combine The Controls

Now use your controls to balance the drone. Fly your drone forward and backward using the pitch command. Using the roll command, fly to the left, to the right and maintain the same attitude. Now rotate your drone using the left stick. With this now, you know how to combine the controls.

9. Fly Close

By flying far away, your transmitter may lose the signal hence forcing the drone to land accidentally. You have to know the range of your transmitter to know how far you can fly.

Lastly, take good care of your drone. Always clean it and store it in a safe place.


Formerly, the types of drones used were unmanned aerial vehicles. Due to the sensitive technology of today, drones are used to make films and for photography.

However, quite a big number of people who have drones use them for recreational reasons. Flying a drone gives one pleasure. Many people are investing more in their time to learn more about how to fly a drone.

By just learning the basics, you can’t enjoy the pleasure fully. You have to practice more and invent your moves and skills. This is what it means to be a drone operator.