How to Get Waves Fast Without Durag

Some people say, getting 360 waves is impossible without a durag. This is partially true, but folks nothing is impossible in this world. There is a way for everything. So, how to get waves fast without durag? Hold on! We’ll talk about it.

Indeed, durag is somewhat one of the main requirements for grooming 360 waves. It makes the process faster and easier. 360 Wave durag has its own distinct quality that helps you get waves in any hair. 

However, not everyone can get used to wearing durag. Some people find it annoying to wear the whole night and days. As you have to wear durag tightly, it somehow restricts blood circulation. You may not have a sound sleep with a durag on. 

Is it possible to get waves without a durag? Yes, it is. The process may be time-consuming, but you can get it. But, it is not possible to get waves in all kinds of hair. Below we’ll discuss everything in detail. Let’s get started!

What Type of Hair Can Form Waves Without Durag?

Above we addressed, it is not possible to get waves without durag in every hair type. It is true. Your hair may have longer and in-born curls. Elsewise, you may have short curls in coarse hair.

If you have longer curls and in-born wave shape, you can get waves even without durag. It will take a bit longer than the regular process but not impossible. One of the facts of having longer curls is getting bigger waves. 

Conversely, if you have small curls, it means your hair type is too messy. With this type of hair, you need a durag to develop 360 waves. Another thing is essential here, which is pomade. You can try on the best wave pomade for coarse hair. 

How to Get Waves Fast Without Durag?

Some people have very sensitive skin, which cannot handle the pressure of a durag. But, when you are wearing a durag, it is essential to wear it tightly. Otherwise, it won’t bring a good result. 

So, if you cannot wear durag but want to get waves, you need to maintain a few things. Proper care and attention can help you get waves fast, even without a durag. Make sure you follow the rules below.

Get a Haircut

First and foremost, getting a haircut is mandatory for grooming waves. Go to your nearest barbershop. Ask the barber to cut your hair with 1/3” guard with the grain. Also, cut your hair in every few days of grooming waves.

Brush More Than Usual

Only brushing can get you the best result with or without a durag. When you’ve planned not to wear a durag, then you have to do it more than usual. Brush your hair when you wake up. Follow the rules of brushing. 

Start from the crown of your head and brush forward in every direction. Brush again and again. After washing your hair with wave shampoo and conditioner, your hair is moist. Apply pomade or wave grease to moisturize it. 

Then, again brush for at least 30 minutes and more. Also, make sure to brush your hair before going to bed. Again apply moisturizer and brush for a maximum time. 

Don’t Move Too Much While Sleeping

Since you are not wearing durag while sleeping, there is a chance that your hair can get messy. So, to avoid such situations, you shouldn’t move too much when you sleep. Try to sleep straight and move carefully. This is a bit difficult to control movement while sleeping. But, there is no other way, and it is still better than wearing durag tightly.


Getting waves without durag is going to be a more complicated process. You’ll need more patience than usual. But as we said before, it is not impossible. Many people tried and even became successful in getting waves without durag. So, this is how to get waves fast without durag. Keep on practicing!