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How To Grind Your Own Meat | You Should Know Everything

All of us have the experience to buy ground meat at the superstore or grocery but never think about the freshness, taste, and quality of the flesh.

So, we think grind meat at home is a good idea from where you can get fresh, taste, and high-quality ground meat to make the burger, sausage, meatballs, and any other food items.  

Now you can inquire how to grind your own meat? Yes, it is not a difficult task; just a few tips and tricks can your job make easy.

This post only can help you to know about this topic and get grinding meat at home quickly.

What Need To Grind Your Own Meat

For grinding meat, you need to gather some essential things. Let’s take a look at the list of items that you have to ensure at first.

1. Meat Grinder Or Food Processor

In the beginning, you have to select commercial meat grinders or food processors. We recommend you to pick the meat grinder to get overall the best grinding meat. The meat grinder was mainly designed for grinding meat with higher quality.

2. Sharpest Knife

You have to use a sharp knife to slice the meat into small pieces. But the size mainly depends on the opening mouth of the grinder. After all, that small size meat is better to grind quickly. Small pieces of flesh don’t need to push or give pressure to feed into the grinder machine.

3. Take Right Type of Meat

All types of meat aren’t perfect to grind, and they also won’t better make burgers, meatballs, or sausages. For making them, you have to select fatty cuts of meat. You can try chucking part of the cow or trying shoulder parts.

How To Grind Your Own Meat

After collecting all essential items, now it is time to start your journey to grind meat by yourself. Just follow the steps one by one.

1. Chill All Ingredients

Chill all ingredients is the primary key to grind meat successfully. You shouldn’t avoid this step anyway. You must make sure that the blade, meat, knife, even the mixing bowl are cold before starting grinding. Cold beef, cold knife, or blade helps the grinding machine to work smoothly.

For this, clean all grinders’ parts and left them in the freezer for 25-minutes before grinding. Now keep the meat for chilling for at least 30-minutes.

2. Prepare The Meat

Now prepare the meat properly. Cut the meat into small cubes measuring one or two inches. Check the inside, and if there any bones or tendons or skin, remove it. Now take a large sheet or pan, place the meat cube, and put it into the freezer for 30-minutes.

3. Assemble The Grinder

After preparing the grinder and meat, you have to put together all the items and assemble the grinder to start grinding. Assemble all the parts carefully and prepare the grinder for the last steps.

4. Start Grinding

Get out the meat from the freezer and place them into the grinder. You can add fresh spices or herbs along with the meat. Set a larger bowl that also chilled in the freezer for 15-minutes to hold the ground meat. 

5. Final Tips

  • If you grind the meat as burger stuff, skip adding salt or pepper with the meat.
  • Don’t push the meat force. Let the machine do it according to its normal way.
  • Keep your finger into a safe distance because the Sharpe blades can harm you.
  • If you have longer hair, tie it tightly.
  • Skip to wear a long slip or manage it properly.

Why Grind Your Own Meat

A lot of reason has behind to grind own meat at home using the meat grinder.

  • For getting fresh ground meat, you can grind your own meat.
  • Ground meat at home is safe and clean for your health.
  • The homemade grounding meat will better get the best quality and taste grinding meat to make delicious burgers or meatballs.
  • Grinding your own meat lets you put full control on your using meat.
  • You can manage the ratio of the fat into the meat.
  • Purchase grinding meat from the grocery shop or superstore is so expensive, and you have to count more money for it. If you make it at home, you can save a lot then buy it.

Our Final Words!

In conclusion, we hope that you have got how to grind your own meat and why? We agree with you to grind your own meat at home to get fresh food with full safety and excellent quality. Indeed, this job can only make it easy for us to grind the best meat; without this device, we can’t think to grind the meat at home.