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How to Install Outdoor Garden Lights: Super Easy Process

Do you need to install lights on your outdoor garden? If yes, then this content is going to give you a super easy solution that you can install lights on your own.

We feel the necessity of having lights on our outdoor garden, especially for night time. If you are having a party or have a walk-in your garden, then without any lights, you may stumble and hurt yourself for sure!

To prevent all these issues, you need to install some lights on your garden. However, we have found out the easy way on how to install outdoor garden lights. So, read it to reveal the options for your outdoor garden.

Lights for Outdoor Garden

When you are thinking of enlightening your garden, first build up a plan-a set up of the selected areas where you need to install the lights and how much lights you need. Again, every kind of light is not suitable for use in the garden. So, choose the right lights also.

Choose Lights Based on Garden Area

There is a wide range of variations in garden lights which you can choose. You can choose different types of lights for different areas of your garden.

 For example- for the areas where there are tall, gigantic trees, you may use some spotlights pointing upward to the tree branches. It will not only enhance the look but also help you to have a look at the trees too.

For the parkside areas or the area where mossy grasses are available or in the lawns, you can put some lights called spike light. You will find them in different shapes and designs.

For the garden pathways, nowadays, people tend to install wall fixed lights. They look so charming and sparkling on their own. Even you can use them near your outdoor faucets. This kind of light makes your surroundings so bland.

There are some other lights like- fairy lights, lanterns, candle lights and so on. You can put them on the branches or arrange them on the side walls. This type of light is mainly for decorations.

Make a Raw Calculation of the Power

Select the lights and how many lights you need based on your areas. Now make a plan of the total power of the lights and then get a transformer of more power than the total power of the lights.

Well, here it should be noted that the power is measured in Watt. So, have a guess or list them and calculate. Because it’s vital; otherwise, you may have to face the loss of a sudden fuse after installing.

 If the total lights are 50 Watts, then get a transformer of more than 50 watts. In this case, we can recommend having a transformer of 100 or 105 Watts. It would be the best option for you.

Install the Lights

Now let’s know how to install outdoor garden lights. For that,  gather all the things together that you need. They are-

  • Cable covering your whole garden
  • A Transformer
  • Channel box for Cable inserting
  • The lights

Step-1:  Place the Lights

Now, take all the lights and put them in the places as you want.

Step-2:  Pull the Cables from the Lights

Bring the cables from each light to the place where the transformer is going to stay. You must do this task of pulling the wires technically under the ground or covering inside the soil.

Step-3:  Connect the Cables  with the Transformer

Take the transformer and connect all the cables here one by one. And after connecting all the wires of the lights, put the transformer on a channel box. This type of box will help to save your transformer from any havoc or fuse.

Step-4:  Put the Transformer on a Safe Place

Now, when you are done connecting all the cables and also setting the lights on each area of the garden, place the channel box of the transformer in a safe place. The place must be out of children’s reach. You can also hang the box on the wall near the current source where water has no passing.

Step-5:  Connect the Transformer  with the Main Socket

Now, connect the main cable of the transformer to the main socket from where the current source will flow.

Your light installation in the garden yard is done! You may now switch on the main plug to check the lights. Do this checking in the dark so that you can have satisfaction with the lighting setup.

 Different people have different tastes and ideas. Again, every garden area is not going to be the same. So, you can choose different lights and place them depending on your desires and demands. Here, we have just shown you the necessary steps or guide you can say to help you install the lights.


Make sure all the connections from the main socket are turned off during working with the wires. Again, don’t bring the cables through such areas where vehicles may have access. Otherwise, you need to change your cables frequently, which no one will like to do again.

Final Words for You

The content includes all the step by step guides on how to install outdoor garden lights with safety measures.  No need for an electrician or other’s service for such a task. After reading it, you can install the lights on your own with your desired decorating ways also.