How To Load A Roof Rack

Having a roof rack and don’t know how to use it properly is just like you have a magic wand but don’t know how to utilize it. Well, to your kind concern, it is reported by IAM Roadsmart (a UK based road safety charity), that every year numbers of accidents do happen only for the unconscious loading and packing of goods onto a car roof rack. Serious accidents can take place only by falling out a small piece of cloth from the roof rack. So never overlook any single thing which is unbound or less securely bound.

 If you want to carry your goods from one place to another, to save the car’s interior space you should definitely go for a perfect and suitable roof rack for your car.

While carrying things from one place to another you should be careful in each and every things and doings. Here are some instructions which will guide you from scratch and ensure that you may enjoy a safe journey.

How to Load a Roof Rack

Be Aware Of The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before loading or buying a roof rack you should read carefully its fitting and operating rules and regulations. The different roof rack has different manufacturing systems set up a system of a roof rack. Such as the position of the large and small roof racks etc.

1. Don’t Try To Set Up Roof Rack Single-handed

Most of the roof racks are heavy. So don’t try to do it yourself otherwise the heavy sheets will destroy the roof of your car. Always make sure you have the company of a minimum one or two people while mounting the rack.

2. Obey The Safe Weight Limit

Yes, if the roof rack has been tightened and set up properly it can resist any weight. But if it is a matter of safety, then you should follow the instructions given by the car manufacturer that what is the safe weight limit for your vehicle and the roof rack. Maintaining the role will ensure your safety while driving on any kind of road.

3. Measure The Height

It is important to measure the height of your car after loading the car roof rack with your necessary items. To do this easily, take a long tape and a tape measure and figure out the height. Note down the number in a page and keep it safe as entering in a height-restricted car park area will be easier.

4. Headlights Adjustment

If your car roof rack is loaded heavily you need to take extra steps to ensure safety. Adjusting the headlights beam level is one of them. To adjust the headlight’s beam don’t do it by putting lights over other vehicles. In your car guideline book, there is clear instruction about how to adjust the beam of your car’s headlight when it is overloaded.

5. Packing By Category

According to the car roof rack low, find out the heaviest and lowest weight and pack them separately. To ensure your vehicle runs smoothly you should keep heavy items first on the roof as the heavier items will put less weight if they are kept on the surface. After putting all the heavy items, mount the lower weight and pack them carefully with roof or belt with the roof rack so that they don’t stick out while you drive quite in a high speed.

6. Adjust Air Pressure Into Tires

You should think twice before starting your car while it is overload with passengers, luggage, roof rack and even maybe a motorcycle. If your vehicle is loaded with the extra weight you should adjust the tires, with extra care so that it can resist the heavyweight and runs smoothly.

Obviously, having a roof rack is great because it meets your extra needs. So be careful while loading the roof rack so that you can avoid any possibilities of an accident.