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How To Loosen Longboard Trucks

There is not much difference between riding a longboard and a skateboard. One visible difference is the former is longer than the later. Despite the minimal differences between these two forms of transport, longboards are gaining more popularity than skateboards because many people turn away from skateboards.

Longboards are quite effective for long rides and effortless cruising. But, unlike skateboards, they don’t let people show many spectacular tricks. Before moving to our main discussion, that is how to loosen longboard trucks, let’s first know what are longboard trucks?

1. Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are T-shaped metal components that are attached beneath the longboard deck. There are two trucks at two ends of a longboard deck(nose and tail.  Wheels are attached to the trucks. So, basically, trucks are located between the wheels and the deck.

Longboard trucks are essential components to complete the assembly of a longboard. If you want to build a custom longboard after collecting several components, purchase good quality longboard trucks, read the reviews of different brands before picking a particular model. Let’s know more about longboard trucks. There is no harm if you know something in detail.

Longboard trucks are consists of several components. These are

  • Axle and hanger
  • Kingpin
  • Bushing seat
  • Bushing and
  • Baseplate

 Axle and Hanger

The axle is a long pin that goes through the hanger and wheels are attached to the axle. The width of a longboard truck is important since the stability of a longboard depends on its truck width. Wider trucks make the longboard more stable. The measurement of truck width is a contentious issue. Some manufacturers measure axle length in inches which indicates the width of the truck. Some manufacturers also use hanger length in millimeters to express truck width.

Many longboarders prefer the axle length measurement process to denote truck width. The truck’s width need to be close to the deck width for getting a better riding experience. If the truck width exceeds the deck width by a few inches, it’s not a big deal. If the deck for example measures 8.5 inches in width but the width of the truck is 10 inches, it’s not a problem at all.

Truck Kingpin

The kingpin acts as a connector between the hanger and baseplate. There are two styles of kingpins. These two are

  • Standard kingpin &
  • Reverse kingpin

Bushing Seat

The performance of a longboard depends on bushing seats. This component of the truck needs to be tightened to provide higher stability of the longboard.


Bushings come in different shapes. These are

  • Cone
  • Barrel
  • Steeped cone and
  • Double stepped

For sharp turns, the conical shape bushing functions more effectively. 


The turning capability of a longboard depends on the angle between the baseplate and the hanger. If the hanger is placed at 50 degrees with corresponds to the baseplate, the longboard will help the longboard to take a sharp turn. 

2. Loosening of Longboard Trucks

Loosening or tightening of longboard trucks decides the degree of turns that the longboarders can achieve. If you want to show a crazy and sharp turn, lose the trucks. If you want to get less turn, tighten the trucks. Lets now discuss in a step by step process how to loosen the longboard trucks to get spectacular turns.

Collect Necessary Tools

Collect below two tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips head screwdrivers (if required)

Step 1 Find a Stable Place

Find a stable surface like a table and place your longboard on it in an upside-down position.

Step 2  Use the Adjustable Socket Wrench

Put an adjustable wrench or socket wrench around the nut of the truck that is located beneath the nose section of the deck. Many longboarders primarily use 14mm socket wrench to loosen longboard trucks.

Step 3 Rotate the Wrench to Unscrew the Nut

Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the truck that you have placed the wrench around its nut earlier. Keep rotating until you satisfied with the loosening of the trucks. After loosening the truck, if you feel that you loosen it too much that makes the longboard unstable, get a Phillips head screwdriver, place it around one of the screws of the truck and then secure it.

Step 4 Follow Step 3

Apply the same unscrewing process for the truck that is located beneath the tail section of the longboard deck. and make sure that you achieve the same level looseness like the nose section.

Step 5 Check the Looseness of the Trucks

The final step is checking your loosening longboard trucks work. When you are done loosening trucks of both the nose and tail section of the deck, place your foot on the deck and see if there is an unequal looseness between two trucks. Dissimilar looseness between two trucks means you needed to redo the losing process until you achieve the equal distribution of looseness between nose and tail trucks.

There is no standard parameter that indicates a longboard truck is loosened sufficiently. It entirely depends on longboarders. Only a longboarder decides whether his truck is loosened enough to show an eye-catching turn.

What is most impressive about riding a longboard is cruising a longboard alleviates stress significantly. Nowadays we are living in a society where stress is so common that is the root cause of much physical illness.