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How To Make Drone Videos In Outdoor

Drones offer you one of the best ways to create amazing aerial photographs and videos. Nowadays, most of the drone supports 4k video and as a result, you can get quality video using the tool. However, making drone video is not just pressing the capture button during the flight. It requires much more efforts, starting from capture to processing. If you want to know how to make drone videos in outdoor, then keep reading the part of the article.

Today we will let you know how to capture a drone video in a professional way. So keep reading the below part of the article with full concentration.

How To Make Drone Videos In Outdoor

Set Up The Drone Camera

Most of the drone nowadays come include a user interface either on the remote or the mobile device. As an example, holy stone hs100 and other drones from the brand that supports camera allows setting the camera. The setting menu will consist of multiple options including video resolution, file format, color profile, aspect ratio, and some other. Usually, there will be a factory setting which is made for lower data and battery life usage.

Setting Up The Video Resolution

The first thing you will need to change is the video resolution. The better the video resolution is, the better the view will. Usually, the expensive drones available in the market will offer you at least 1080p or higher resolutions. You should change the resolution according to your platforms. If you are creating the video for YouTube then 4k will be the best option. On the other hand, if you want to prefer the video for Instagram or Facebook stories then 1080p will be just enough. Remember that, the better the video resolution will, the larger the file become.

Setting Up The Frame Rate

The second important thing is to set up the frame rate. The frame rate is an unpredictable thing. It depends on the quality of the video that you are cherishing. 30 frames per second are enough to get crispy real life lookalike video. If you want smoother and better quality or shooting for the slow-motion view then you can set the frame from 60 to 120 frames per second. However, we will advise you to check the video quality at different frame rate to find out what suits best.

Setting Up The Color Profile

Setting up the color profile is also important to get a better quality video from the drone. Usually, the normal color profile is perfect for any condition. As a beginner, you shouldn’t try to change the color balance on a large scale as you may end up with lower grade quality. However, if you want a temperature specific video, you will need to set up the color profile accordingly.

Start The Flight

Before flying the drone, plan your flight pattern. Preplan when and where you can fly the drone safely. Be assured about the available lighting on the flying area. One impressive way to get better quality video is flying the drone at dawn light instead of midday.

Now you can start the flight. Be assured about the movement of the drone while recording. Try to keep the movement smooth while flying to get proper quality video. You may wear a lanyard around your neck to steady the remote transmitter.

Perform The Cinematic Movements

Some high quality drone includes cinematic movement pattern which allows you to take cinematic video shots. As an example, you can orbit around an object, do flip-flops, etc. using almost all the popular drones that support video capture. Perform different cinematic movements during the shoot to get an enjoyable video.

Processing The Video

Processing the video is an important part and the final quality of the video depends on how well you can do this. For processing the video, you will need software like Adobe premiere pro, or apple’s final cut pro. These are paid apps but you will find crack version on the internet. However, we always recommend our reader to use a full version of any application.

The first thing you need to do is color correcting the video. You will need to adjust the contrast, saturation, exposure, and other things. There are also available filters for video processing which you can buy from online. Process the video correctly to get the final enhancement.

Adding The Audio

A video without audio is lifeless. Adding the right music or audio on the video makes it much powerful and engaging. However, make sure that you are using suitable audio according to your video. You can find wide varieties of royalty free audio available on the internet. You can also buy premium quality audio libraries online.

It takes a lot of practice to get your preferred video quality. So, keep practicing following our guideline to getting create an awesome video with your drone. Hopefully, the article on How to Make Drone Videos in Outdoor will be helpful for you.