How to Make the Wood Signs with a Router?

Do you love to crafts wooden Sings, or are you an expert in making wooden Sings but don’t know how to make them with a router or router table? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you to help you get a step by step guideline on how to make wooden Sings with a Router.

You can gift your wooden signs to your family members or friends. If you do wood-crafting professionally, then you can earn money by selling them in the crafts shows.

Before you know about how to use a router to make wooden signs, you have to know about what is a router? Types of wood signs that can be done with a router, things you need to make wood Sings with a router. So let’s find out about them.

What is a Router?

A router is a versatile wood-crafting tool, as well as an essential tool for woodworking. A router allows you to do every woodworking task with ease by using this tool. A router is useful for both personal and professional wood-crafting works.

You can get polished and more professional looking wooden signs by using a router in your wood-crafting works.

Types of Wooden Sings

There are three types of wooden signs, and these are nameplates, humorous signs, and address signs. You can craft these signs with a router easily. You can add your name, address, information of your commercial property, residential, and recreational property on your wooden signs.

Things to Need

Here is a list of needed things that you will need to do wood-crafting works with a router. You will need below-stated things to do your woodcrafts such as a router, safety glasses, pencil, V-groove router bit, design letter or template, grip pad, and carbon paper.

A step by step instructions on How to Make the Wood Signs with a Router

You know about what is a router, types of wooden signs, things to need to use a router. Now you need a proper guideline to learn how to make wood signs with a router. Here in our article, we provide you with a step by step instructions to learn how to make wooden signs with a router. So, let’s discuss further details.

Step-1: Make Decision

The first step you have to follow to make wooden signs with a router is, make a decision on what you want to make. Decision making is the most important step to decide about the letter as well as the size of your woodcrafts.

You can determine your signboard’s dimension according to the importance of the letter’s size and as well as the numbers. You can adjust the letter’s size if your signboard’s dimension is important to your work.

Step-2: Pick Out Bigger Size

The next step you should follow is to pick the perfect size wood board for your woodcrafts. You should always consider the bigger size because it will give you the flexibility in your working time. The exact size wood board sometimes cause difficulty during the working performance according to the size and number of words.

You can prepare your wood board by trimming, sanding, and planning rough ends of the wood. So, pick or choose the bigger size wood board is the most important thing to do.

Step-3: Draw the Sign

The next step you should follow is drawing the sign on the wood board by using stencil or hand. You can also draw the sign by using the computer-assisted printout. Homemade or country style Country-style wood signs look elegant or classy because of its freehand drawing.

Regulatory or business signs, as well as traditional signs, look very good if drawn by the stencil. You can use computer-assisted printout for the fancy fonts, more words, better layout, and pictures.

Step-4: Place the board on the workbench

The next step you should follow is to place your wood board on the workbench. You can clamp the board down or place your board on the rubber carpet so that it can not be slipped or slide around while working on it.

Now choose a router bit round nose/ square end/ V groove to start your work. You can use these router to plunge or cut with.

Step-5: Make the wooden signs

The next step you should follow is to start working on your wood board according to your plan. The above-mentioned routers give you a proper plunge or cut with. Too much deep cutting can cause smoke and wood burning. So you should try the best wood router on the scrap wood.

Now power on the router and grab it with both hands after holding the position on the table and use your wrist to guide the motion to make the cut. And always wear the safety-glasses and follow the safety procedure while working.

Step-6: Finish the Sign

The last step is to finish the wooden signs according to your needs. You can keep it natural, or varnish on a regular basis, or paint it.

Final Thought

Making wooden signs with a router is always enjoyable. You can make names, signs, pictures, addresses, and other designs with a router according to your wish. We hope our article on how to make wooden signs with a router will ease your hard work. Our step by step guideline provides you with the proper instructions on how you can use a router to make wooden signs.