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Clever Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last

We understand that your hair extensions set is the beauty investment that has to be looked after carefully. You want this set to look as beautiful as it was the first time when you took it out from the box & make you feel as confident. Thus, to help you out on your way we have put together some simple tips that can make the hair extensions to last longer.

Make Your Hair Extensions Last


Tape-ins, clip-ins, pre-bonded, weaves, micro-link, fusion, what does this all mean? There’re many different extensions styles and names that it will get overwhelming if you’re new to hair extensions world. In this article, we will look at different kinds of hair extensions that will help to clear up any confusion. Through this article, we will provide you help and clarity to make the right choice for the hair.

1. Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in wefts or clip-in extensions; generally come in contoured pieces, which are attached at a base with silicone or fabric. Clips are connected to its base and are ready to use. So, you just have to clip these pieces on your real hair on your own! Every clip snaps open & close with complete ease.

Clip-in extensions are a least permanent type of hair extensions as you may quickly remove it and put it back whenever you want to. Unlike other hair extension styles mentioned here, clip-ins generally takes 5 to 15 minutes of application at home.

The clip-in extensions are the least damaging as they do not involve any kind of heat, pressure, chemicals, and other installation methods—they just clip on your hair so there is no damage to your real hair. It is one reason why it is the highly preferred hair extension kinds than tape in extensions.

How Long Will They Last?

That depends on how nicely you look after your hair extension or what products you are using & how often you use them. With right care & regular wear, the clip-in hair extension will last 3 to 6 months easily, up to one year and at times longer.

2. Tape In Extensions

The tape-in extensions are what they appear like. Extensions will be pre-taped and taped or glued together on any side of your hair. Generally, the hairdresser will apply the tape-ins because you have to align it properly with the roots & they’re applied with the heated tool, which heats the glue. In addition, you will have to remove (with the glue remover) and reinstalled.

Naturally, if you are applying heat on your hair roots or use an adhesive product like glue or tape, this may damage your hair. The process generally takes 40 minutes to 1 hour for application and the tape hair extensions is in very good condition, they will be re-used.


With our tape hair extensions, you need to be careful while using conditioners and hair products as this will cause the tape to get loose and slip off. It is one common issue with the tape-ins, and where hair slides off easily.

How Long Will They Last?

The tape-in extensions are semi-permanent. Generally, they will last 4 to 8 weeks before you remove or re-apply them. Like other hair, it depends upon how nicely you look after it and on how fast your hair grows.

3. Sew-In Extensions or Weave

Weave hair or sew-in extensions will be applied by braiding natural hair in cornrows first and then using needle & thread to sew its weave in a braid or cornrow. The weave extensions are used predominantly for the people with the thicker hair due to the way they’re applied.

Normally speaking, weave application is the long process (several hours.) Tight application method puts a lot of strain on your scalp and will feel uncomfortable and heavy that is why it does not work well with the thin and lighter hair.

This particular method can be applied by the experienced hairdresser since it is the technical and tough application that has to be seen by the professional. The sew-ins comes in a wig form that is sewn in cornrows in that same way, but, hair comes at one piece opposed to the separate wefts. Such kind of extension is very popular because it is the most seamless and permanent solution compared to tape hair extensions, as the hair is sewn in your natural hair and will not come off. Article contributed by Hari babu from!