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How to Spot the Water Leakage Inside the Wall?

Water damage is something scary for the homeowners; however, it becomes scariest when this damage occurs without their knowledge and by the time that they get to know the damage, they have several hundreds of dollars’ worth of repair to do.  One of the most common reasons behind water damage, in particular, inside the walls is faulty plumbing and mold.

Fast Plumber saves your plumbing from getting ruined, offering the best services for timely detection and fixing of all kinds of water leakages in your home. This article talks about how to spot the water leakage inside the wall before it is too late.

Leaking water is havoc on any home, especially, if the homeowner is unaware of the same. Harmful mold grows faster in moist environments and can badly damage the walls. To defend the home against wall damage and mold growth, it is critical to spot leaks as soon as possible.

Water leakage inside the walls also needs immediate attention and fixing. Luckily, leaking water produces lots of hints along the way and you just need to detect them. A musty odor originating from the particular area in the home is a big hint, as well as flaking or peeling wallpaper or paint.

Significant discoloration and huge splotchy marks can be a sign of water damage and mildew or mold. Water leakage caused by mold is highly dangerous for the people living inside the home as it generates toxic fumes.

Wet spots

One of the key signs that water is leaking in the plumbing network is the emergence of white patches on the home’s walls. Concrete and stone have a little capacity to soak in water and hence, it doesn’t take much time after a leak, before the water begins to seep through a wall, making an appearance of the sweating wall.

Mold formation

As we mentioned before, another most common visible sign of a water leak inside the wall is when some corners of the home and, in particular, the walls, start growing mold. There are situations which always facilitate the growth of mold and dampness is the most important situation, hence if mold is growing on the walls, it implies that there is some water source that is causing it.

Time is the Key

At Fast Plumber, we help homeowners detect the exact site of the leak. Our experts use precision leak identification tools, along with special training, to locate even the smallest leaks. Once the leak is located inside the wall, we can access it safely and assess the damage.

The sooner you identify the leak inside the wall, the more chances are there to keep the damage minimal. Mold is nothing to mess with, hence, keep your family and safe and take our professional services to get rid of mold. Call Fast Plumber now to get an instant estimate.