How to Upload a Video on Instagram

There is ongoing mayhem on whether one can upload a video on Instagram or not. Instagram having started as just another photo application attracted very many users during peak days.

Currently, it has evolved into a more advanced model of stylish video combiner and a platform that enables many to upload videos in their Instagram stories without authentic limitations.

These video contents can also feature in other Instagram platforms such as ads and the form of long video content on IGTV.

With the sheer number of videos in the current market and an increase in their popularity, individuals long to have platforms where they can share the videos with their friends as a source of appreciation. That why we have come up with this guide to help you learn on the prospective steps of uploading videos on Instagram.

What Video Format Does Instagram Support?

If you would like to know how to upload a youtube video to Instagram, it is important to understand the formats that Instagram supports.  People today want to learn about the ins and the out of Instagram video optimization and deny them that it would be sound more of an insult than an achievement. Video optimization helps individuals to relate with each other and also to engage with each other on the same platform.

So one of the queries we would like to cover in this guide is, what video format is ideal for Instagram. We have outlined various Instagram video formats that you should use to increase your video quality to earn more likes from your followers.

The best video format-Dimensions and Size

The best video format that Instagram does support is the MP4 video format. That is because the MP4 supports several features such as:

  • AAC Audio
  • Frames per second
  • It can take up to a video size of 15mb
  • A maximum video of 60 seconds
  • H.264 Codec
  • It supports a higher video quality of 1080 pixels (px) wide.

The dimension you should always use when uploading a video on Instagram should be 864 pixels by 1080 pixels height. Such a video format will be authentic and easily watchable to your followers. We are living in the 21st century where first-class videos are the talk of the day. Widescreen videos are sweet to watch due to the fact they give one a mesmerizing feeling of fantasy and the real world simultaneously. That why it makes a lot of sense to maximize your video dimension and size in terms of height.

Step by step Guide on how to upload a video on Instagram

With over 820 million active users, Instagram is one of the most influential applications for social communication and fan. Maybe, it is among the best-created model platform most far-reaching social media networks in the history of the universe. To be realistic, many of Instagram fans use their fans to access the application. That’s why most of them are in the urge of having a clear knowledge of how to upload youtube videos on their Instagram. Whether you want to get your video done from the IGTV or any other app, trust me you are on the right channel.

How to upload videos on Instagram

Posting consistently on your Instagram channel can help promote your business or uphold your social life to another level, but doing it better and particularly can be very sensational. Here are the steps on how to upload a video on Instagram stories.

  1. First, you need to tap the + tab or icon from the lower part of your screen. Do you see that + sign at the bottom of your screen? That is the initial point of the whole procedure. So, you need to click on the sign and you are ready for the next step. Such a step may apply to every type of gadget, may it be an iPhone or a normal smartphone. The design of the Instagram app was to be versatile to every type of smartphone without minding the operating system.
  2. Choose the video you prefer from your library or you may even shoot one. Instagram will not hide what is in your library. The app will show you the entire gallery history, starting from your recent videos to the former types.  You may either choose one to publish or you can click “video” at the bottom of the screen to shoot a fresh video. Once you are through with this step click “Next” in the upper right side of the screen. With that, you are ready for the next step.
  3. You can now filter the video. Since the app has got some video limitations, you will only be allowed to post a video of not more than 60 seconds long. With that in mind, you will have to choose the best part of the video by cropping some parts that are not necessary. If you need to post a 2 minutes video, you will have to split it into two parts to fit in the app. You can share this in your feed and profile. Once you are done, you can click “Continue”.
  4. Pick a filter. This is the part that many ladies love about Instagram and we all do. Instagram will pick a variety of up to 25 filters that are in the studio for you to peruse the most favorable option. How will you do this? All you need to do is click the “Edit” button at the lower right side of the screen, pick the most impressive filters and look at the live video how you look. Also, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of your video
  5. Type the caption and tag friends. Being creative is another aspect very essential in an Instagram video posting. You need to come up with a sensational cation that will make your followers subscribe to mobile data to view your video.  Write the relevant hashtags and if you find it worthy, you can tag some of your close friends. Tagging people in your videos makes them feel another sense of belonging that is out of this universe.
  6. Share your video on other social media platforms. If you have other accounts more than Instagram you can share your video to the sites such as Facebook and Twitter by clicking “Share” in the right top of the page. Your video is now live, bravo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I post a video to Instagram from my computer?

A: Yes, you can. Posting videos from a pc to Instagram can be something unimaginable to some but actually, it is possible. First, you need to log in to your Instagram using your pc. Click the option that shows “fit to window” to have a 90% screen ratio. At that point, you will see a screen resembling that of your phone and you are ready to go.

Use the usual + sign as the starting point of your video posting. Whatever browser you are using, it will display a dialogue folder where you can select videos from your pc library. But in this case, the best browser to use is the chrome browser since it will save you time and will serve you without any complications at all. You may also prefer using Hootsuite which is an online social media platform with some added merits.

Q: Why can’t I post videos on Instagram?

A: Although it might be a milky green to swallow, sometimes posting videos on Instagram may be a bit tough. Several factors may facilitate such. First, your video may be unsupported if you are using the wrong dimensions or sizes too large for Instagram to support. To add on that, you should not post a video more than 60 seconds long.

Second, your account may be having some serious problems that you need to solve. Though less likely to happen, such may be a tough barrier since your Instagram video won’t upload. Lastly and very common, your video is not uploading because of poor network connection. You need to have either a strong WI-FI or a manageable data plan.

Q: How do you post a 2 minutes video on Instagram?

A: As we mentioned earlier, you can upload directly a video to Instagram that has more than 60 seconds. You need first to split the video into a small part, actually two parts of 60 seconds each to have your posting go through. Instagram gives you a chance to so through the Click and Crop features.

Q: Can I use Instagram on my PC?

A: You can use Instagram on your PC without actual limitations as some think. To recommend, if you want to use Instagram on your PC you can go for the Hootsuite browser since it is social media-oriented.


Posting videos on Instagram is now easy, affordable, authentic and less time-consuming. If you are not using Instagram to upload videos, you are likely missing a lot of fun. You may be missing also opportunities to grow your business brand through the massive awareness of the output of Instagram video.

Fortunately, adapting to the Instagram policies and strategies can be very easy and effortless. You don’t need to daunt your brain anymore. If you are ready, follow the above steps on how to upload a YouTube video to Instagram.