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The Kast World: How To Use Kast

YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix are platforms that most people love. I mean, you can watch anything you want through these platforms. Well, if you want to know how to use Kast to share videos with friends from these platforms, you are in the right place.

Most of the time, you can come a very interesting content that you need to share with your friends and maybe watch the show together. Well, this is where Kast comes in. With Kast, you can not only share videos with buddies but also be able to video chat with them when the show continues.

How do I use Kast?

There are a few steps involved to be able to fully make Kast in use. Kast is an application, these means that you need to download it to be able to use it. The concept of how to use Kast streaming relies on 5 major steps.

  • Downloading the application
  • Account creation
  • Creating a Kast room
  • Streaming
  • Joining a Kast room

Following these simple steps, you will have already started using Kast. Trust, you don’t need to have any experience to know how to use Kast rabbit. Do you know what you need to do at each step? Well, let’s get to that then.

Downloading The Application

Kast is an application originally known as Rabbit. Downloading this application is a straightforward task. You need to get to any appropriate website that provides Kast Download and download it with just a single click.

The best place to access the download option is in the Kast home page. Click the download option and you are all set. You can download the application from your iPhone, Mac, or Windows. It is unfortunate for android phone users.  You cannot use the application using android. If you want to know how to use kast on mobile, just use the chrome to get to the Kast web page.

Account Creation

After downloading, you are ready to know how to use kast on mac, iPhone, or windows for this step. After the downloading process, the installation process follows. This is not an issue for many since it just involves a single click or tap to the ‘install’ option.

Once the application is installed, click on the icon to open it. It may take a few seconds for the Kast application to open. Wait until it opens. This is where the account creation comes in. The application will promo you to create an account by entering your details including, username, and email address, and then set a password.

Once you enter all the details, tap the signup option. Check your email address for a verification code. With that, you will have your Kast page. You can set your profile picture at this point.

Creating A Kast Room

Kast rooms are usually private or public. On your page just click the ‘create a room’ option. The application will prompt you to enter the room name and a small description of the room. This helps other users to know what your room interests are.

At this point, you can select a private or a public room. Well, isn’t that enough to say that you know rabbit how to make room private? Well, other people refer to the Kast rooms as parties.

Therefore, if you see the option ‘ create party’ it’s the same thing. After creating your Kast room or party, you can search for friends and add them. To get friends you can also invite them using a link.


Congratulations, now you can start watching or streaming videos. At this step, we will learn how to stream on kast. That sounds amazing, right? Now you have your Kast room. To stream just click the video icon. It is usually situated at the bottom of your iPhone’s, mac’s or window’s screen. 

There are causally three options for streaming videos. You can stream on the entire screen. For this option, whatever you view on the screen, people can also view the video. Another option is the application window. For this option, people will only see the platform you are using. The last option is the Webcam. The webcam option provides Audio.

Simply turn on the audio. This is simply how to use kast web. If you want to share what you are watching with your friends just invite them to be Kast users. With your friend in Kast, you can choose an option where they can view whatever video you are seeing. I mean, that’s fun than watching it alone. Although they may not be there physically the feeling will be just like they are there. You can also chat will your friends on your Kast page.

Join An Existing Kast Room

Well, Kast becomes more interesting. Some Kast users have public Kast rooms or parties. This means that anyone can join the room. I mean, you can also try it out. On Kast main page, you will see the option ‘ live parties’ Use this option to join an already existing room or party.

Apart from the live parties, you can also search for existing rooms by name so that when the room has a live party you will be invited. Other Kast users can also invite you to their rooms. Just choose the room you want to join to be part of the party.

In a live party, you can see the people at the party. By clicking the watch option, you can also watch whatever the other person is streaming. You can turn on the audio to listen to what they are saying. Chatting with them as you watch the video is also possible.


You now know how to use Kast. The only thing left is for you to do it practically on your iPhone or Mac. The question in your mind has always been, how does Kast work? You don’t have to miss watching a favorite show with your friends just because the distance between you is very wrong.

If you can’t watch with them physically, Kast ensures that the fun goes on by streaming with them online and watching the show together. Stream, watch together, hear their chatter, and chat as you watch, I mean, that experience is incredible.