Why should you use laser engraving for auto parts?

Laser engravers refer to that class of machines that can engrave on any surface by creating a dent. This dent is created when laser engravers vaporize the surface of the material it is supposed to be engraved.

They are CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controlled, which can manipulate the intensity of the laser beams that creates a tiny focal point to engrave. Most of the high-power laser engraving machines also have the cutting feature that can precisely cut any surface basis our desired requirement.

Laser Engraving can be used to carve out any kind of material as a base like glass, plastics, wood, and metal surfaces with ease and precision, creating clean-cut outs of images or fonts. It also used in many different industrial domains such as medical devices, Jewellery designing, and fine arts, etc.

The best part about using Laser engraving is its capability to keep the original item’s surface as close as the original piece and thus causing minimal damage to the surface.

But why are the benefits of laser engraving anyway?

  • A laser engraver can engrave literally, any object or surface, be it a metal base, glass base, or plastic base. Its main use in the automobile and aerospace industry helps it to engrave and carve any metal object no matter how tiny they are
  • Laser engraver gives you a very clean-cut and precise carving without making the depressions messy or smudgy. With an engraver, sharp edges are formed, which can be polished and smoothened out later.
  • Laser engraving can multitask brilliantly by engraving many objects at the same time like medical equipment or ID cards etc. 
  • Laser engravers are very quick in their functioning creating intricate designs and cuts in Jewelleries, rings, etc. as compared to traditional machines that are slow
  • The no-contact method is a very favorable feature of laser engravers as the laser beams come out form a source that is placed at a distance from the surface. This no-contact method leaves little chances of abrasions or damages to the surface, making this machine a very popular choice among industries
  • Laser engravings result in quality products with their engravings retched on the surface for quite a long time to come as the markings are deep and clear, creating clean images and logos that remain permanently on the surface.
  • It provides a very safe way of working for the workers as they can stand at a distance and perform the engraving yielding fewer chances of any grievous injury. 

Now since we understand the advantages, a laser engraver can bring, let’s focus on the main topic for the article; what is the role of laser engravers in the Automobile industry, more specifically, for engraving auto parts?

First of all, we should understand that every small or big car part gets marked. Be it the ball bearings or gas caps or speedometer or the spare tire, every small and big part has an identifying number or brand engraved into it.

This has been possible because of the laser engraver than can precisely engrave wide and narrow surfaces with ease, creating clean cuts and deep indentions. Some of the reason why we use laser engraving in the automobile world is-

  • Assurance of safety-

In case of an emergency like car troubles, marked parts are very easy to track and replace, thus providing a sense of credibility and Genuity to the parts.

  • High contrast marking:

Laser engravings have gained a steady fan following in the automobile world as the engravings by laser tend to remain for long-time providing lifetime durability and legitimate identification with high contrast carvings on curved surfaces

  • An economical source:

Laser engraving is a very economical way of marking an automobile part as it’s a one-time affair. Once engraved, it’s going to last a lifetime.

  • Permanent traceability:

Laser markings are permanent markings and carvings which are engraved on a part to identify it forever. This allows for easy and permanent traceability.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

Laser engravings don’t have any chemical markings. Moreover, laser markings are environmentally friendly as it doesn’t include any chemical substances and is purely a result of high-intensity heat beam.

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