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A Check List For Olympic Archery Equipment

Archery is one of the most popular sports in the word, and just like any other sports, it needs some equipment’s too. A survey shows that, only in the USA, 23.8 million people practice archery. World archery recognizes numerous equipment which is used in Olympic.

Olympic is the most significant event for any athlete, and they practice years for this. That’s why I am going to write about the Olympic archery equipment in this article.

Olympic Archery Equipment List

There are some essential equipment’s that you will need to practice archery. An Olympic bow and arrow come at the top of the list. There are also some necessary equipment’s you will need to look.


It is perhaps the most crucial gear to practice archery. Because your accuracy mostly depends on your skill and your bow. There are different kinds of bow available such as Recurve bow, Compound bow, and Longbow. But you may ask, what bows are used in Olympic archery? 

Generally, Archers prefer Recurve bows as they are much more comfortable and accurate than other types of bows. There are three parts of a recurve bow, and those are raiser and two limbs. 

The raiser is responsible for the accuracy and stability of the bow. If it can deliver you the perfect grip, then undoubtedly, the rate of accuracy increases. Limbs provide the necessary strength to release the arrow.

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Arrow is the second most important gear to practice archery. An arrow can be made of wooden, fiberglass, carbon, or even carbon aluminum combination. Besides its construction, you need to keep an eye of a couple of things like arrow diameter, spine, vanes, shaft, etc. Selecting the exact length is also an important part.

Just like the bow, an arrow is a combination of a couple of parts, and all of them are important. Shaft, vanes, arrow tip, are the most crucial part of an arrow.


A bow stabilizer put some additional weight which reduces the movement of the bow. It helps the archer to take their shot accurately. It also absorbs the extra vibration which occurs after releasing the string. Almost every archer prefer a stabilizer on their bow.

Bow Stand

Those who are on their learning stage it might be an excellent tool for them. It helps the archers to keep the bow steady and aim their target. The professional archers also use this bow stand to ensure pinpoint accuracy.


Even an expert archer need to practice hard to keep their aim sharp. So, no matter you are a beginner or an expert, you are going to need a target. There are different types of target available, and those are Bag Targets, 3d target, Block Targets.

You can use any of these to sharpen your aim and become an excellent archer. But one thing I want to add that, In Olympic, every archer need to shoot from a distance of 70 meters in outdoor and 18 to 30 meters in indoor.


 This particular equipment used to both beginners and expert. It secures most of the part of the arm and protects it from the bowstring. As a beginner, you may not have a clear idea about the string path. So, wearing an armed guard can protect you from future accidents.

Finger Tab

Most Olympic use finger tab for better grip on the arrow. Most of the finger tab out there made of from leather. It’s become much easier for the archers to hold the arrow with a finger tab. It also reduces the chance of accident which is essential for the beginning level archers.

Bow Sight

Though archery is all about skill and some archer, prefer bows without bow sight. But if you are preparing yourself for an Olympic archer, then you are going to need all the necessary equipment which will sharpen your skill. Bow Sight helps the arches to hit the target with pinpoint accuracy.


A quiver is a container which helps the archers to hold the necessary arrows. Some archers hold arrows on hand while others prefer to stick them on the ground. But sticking the arrows on the ground sometimes damage the arrow points.

So, it’s a better option to use a quiver. There are different types of quivers, such as bow quiver, hip quiver, back quiver, etc. But most of the athlete prefers hip quiver.

Final Verdict

These are only some handful of Olympic archery equipment which is frequently used by the athlete. There are also other equipment’s which you might find necessary. But among all of them, these are the most essential and much-needed accessories.