Can You See Galaxies And Planets With A Telescope?

Can you see galaxies and planets with a telescope? Seeing objects like galaxies and planets in the sky can be amazing, right? It is a mystery that most people wish they could have a chance to do. The view is amazing. If you intend to enjoy that experience, you need to have a telescope for planets and galaxies viewing. Read on to find more information.

Types of Telescopes

You can easily use telescopes to see planets and galaxies. However, different telescope types will give you different views of the planets and galaxies. It would help determine how you want to view the objects to choose the most suitable telescope model. Some telescopes will provide a magnified image while others provide a small image. There are three different types of telescopes that includes;

  • Small telescopes
  • Medium telescopes
  • Large telescopes

The small telescopes are the cheapest. Small telescope measures at most 2-inches. They have a Newtonian reflector measuring 70 to 80 mm, and the reflector size is in the range of 50 to 70mm. The medium telescopes are affordable. Therefore, we can say that they are neither too cheap nor too expensive.

Their Newtonian reflector measures 130 to 150mm while the refractor 80-120mm. Their quality is much better than the small telescopes. The large telescopes are the most expensive. However, with their quality, you can bet that the price suits them. The telescope’s refractor measures 100-150mm while the Newtonian reflector measures 200-300mm.

However, you should note that the optic quality of a telescope matters a lot. If the optic quality for a small telescope is better than a large one, then it’s better if you use the small one.

Seeing the Planets with a Telescope

It’s too unfortunate that it is impossible to see all the 8 planets using a telescope without surface details. Three (Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars) from the 8 display surface details. When seeing these three planets from a telescope, you will view either clouds bands, clouds, or dust storms displayed on the planets. For Jupiter, you will see moons rotating around the planet.

Around planet Saturn, you will also be able to see moons too. You can use a standard telescope to see Venus and mercury. Uranus and Neptune will display like small disks regardless of the type of telescope used. Pluto is hard to see the planet. Well, you will only see it as a star through your telescope.

Seeing Galaxies With a Telescope

Well, even the individuals with the best telescope doubt about whether they can be able to see galaxies. The truth to that is that galaxies are the most stubborn object to see than other sky objects. Since they have a light, it is very hard to see them clearly with a telescope. However, you will view a faint and small image of the galaxies. Even with an 8-inch, 12-inch, 16 inches, or a 24-inch telescope, you will never see a clear image of the galaxies.

However, the larger the telescope, the better but ensure that it has a perfect optical quality. The problem is not the telescope; the brightness of the galaxies is the problem. It makes having a clear image of them on a telescope difficult.


With a telescope for planets and galaxies, you can easily see these sky objects. However, consider the side of the telescope to get a better view of the planet and galaxies. Seeing the planets and galaxies requires patience and concentration. Therefore, give the telescope sometime to focus on the objects and enjoy the view.