PUBG Mobile: Tips And Tricks 2k21

PUBG Mobile has millions of its crazy fans across the globe. This addictive game is getting more and more popular day by day as it serves exciting gameplay. The game is getting new updates with advanced weapons, battlefield, and powerups which excite the regular players. If you have just started playing this game, then here we have prepared a list of the Best Tips and Tricks of PUBG Mobile game.

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There are players who don’t know what to do with the gameplay to move forward. They are always searching for some helping hand who can help them exploring the gameplay and making use of different tools and weapons of the game. Well, by following this list, you can play this game like a Pro-gamer.

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

We have added all the useful tips and tricks of the game here to make you a smarter player of the PUBG Mobile. Without further ado, let’s get on to the list of the PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks now!

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks 2021

Land Safely

The gameplay starts with a Parachute which helps you to land safely on the ground. I t is important for you to choose the right place to land. You can play the game effectively for half an hour, if you are unlucky, you can get killed by an enemy in a few seconds of the gameplay.

Where you land in the Map decides whether you go ahead or get killed by an enemy. What you need to do is choose a safe place to land. Avoid the heavy-traffic area and always choose to land on a free area.

Avoid Combat

If you are a beginner, you should not directly jump into the combat battle. When you hear someone else’ noise around, you better move into the opposite direction to plan out new things. If you play this game without strategies, you will end up achieving nothing in the game.

In the beginning, you have no weapon so better for you to stay away from getting into the battle at the earliest. Your enemies might have weapons and you can get killed in a few seconds.

Keep A Shotgun Handy

A shotgun is not always effective; however, it is the best weapon for close shooting. If your enemies come very closer to you, then you can make use of this weapon to kill them down instantly.

Find The Perfect Weapon

PUBG game offers a variety of weapons and powerful tools to help you keep moving. Once you start playing the game, you will get to know the power of different guns and weapons. You need to pick the suitable weapon from the next gameplay once you gained enough knowledge about them.

Make Use Of The Attachments

Weapons and Guns of the PUBG game are very useful to find and shoot down the enemies. The scope is the most useful attachment you can get for your gun. You can get a 4X scope for your sniper to see things closer. You can locate the exact position of the enemies and can kill them down even from a far distance using this Scope attachment.

Don’t Go Straight In The Battle

When you are ready to battle up against the enemies, you should keep on changing your position. Instead of going in the straight direction, you should opt for a zigzag one. This will help you from getting killed by the enemy shots. You can keep yourself alive and keep the gameplay on for extra few minutes. With a proper weapon, you can even kill your enemies from the battle as well.

Use Vehicles

Thankfully, the game lets you pick a suitable vehicle to reach out to your destination quickly. When you land in the beginning, you can get a car which will help you to reach out to the desired position on the map. Get a car and start following the map. When you reach closer to the circle, get off and start walking. If you still in the car, chances of getting killed yourself by the enemies are high.

Switching Modes

PUBG game lets you play with First-person and Third-person modes. You can change the mode of gaming whenever you want. What you can do here is keep on switching the modes from first-person to third-person and third-person to first-person as per your needs.

These are some of the most effective tips and tricks you can try out while playing the PUBG Game. These tips and tricks are designed for new players who can save their life in the beginning. Go through the list and follow them during the gameplay to conquer the game!