Secret Hacks To Chill With Netflix

The OTT media offers their services directly via the Internet, bypassing cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms. This makes the audience in control of what to watch and when. OTT platforms have also gained an audience because of the vast content pool they have. The fact that we don’t necessarily have to sit in front of the television to watch our favorite form of entertainment has also helped in their popularity.

According to Forbes, Netflix, which was just a name among the OTT platforms when it started, has transformed into a two hundred billion dollar entertainment platform today.

Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers across the globe, not counting the countless people who share a single account. It broadcasts more than 100 million hours of content per day.

It is fairly easy to sign up for or log into Netflix and use it as an app. But some secret hacks can surprise you with a whole new entertainment experience.

Watch Netflix Offline

It is possible to watch Netflix even when you don’t have an Internet connection on your device. In 2016, Netflix was helpful enough to provide us with the download feature that lets you download content on your device and watch it later, even if you are offline. Remember, it takes time to download the items and takes up storage space on your device. To know more about how to watch Netflix offline, click https://setapp.com/

Use Netflix’s Shuffle Play Feature and Let The App Decide

This is probably a problem that every member has faced when you can’t decide what to watch on Netflix. With so much content, you tend to get overwhelmed. Instead of arguing with your viewing partner about it, let Netflix take the helm. Click on Netflix’s Shuffle Play feature, and it will choose your next watch based on its algorithm and your watch list.

Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

If you are paying for HD or Ultra HD content quality and not even using it, you are wasting your money. Always check your streaming settings. Go to Netflix.com/HdToggle and select “High” or “Low” according to your preference. But remember, using high streaming quality outside of Wi-Fi zones can use up to 3-7GB of data per hour.

Adjust The Subtitles The Way You Prefer

You can customize Netflix subtitles to change color, size, font, etc., according to your preferences and the title you’re viewing. Just go to Your Account and click on Subtitle Appearance under Your Profile and make the changes.

Stop Unwelcome People From Using Your Netflix Account

If somehow, whether you are guilty or not, your Netflix password has gone to people you don’t want to share it with, there is a simple way out of this mess. Go to Your Account and check the Viewing Activity. See if any of the device locations seem unnatural to you. You can go back to Your Account and click Sign Out of All Devices to end such suspicious activity.

Watch Content Outside Your Territory

Netflix uses territorial licensing, which shows you the content that only your country allows you to watch. But, if you want to cross this boundary, all you have to do is install a VPN app and use it to change your device location to whichever country’s content you want to watch. But, make sure that you install a paid VPN app because Netflix blocks the free ones.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Make Your Netflix Viewing Time Hassle-Free

If you are watching Netflix on your computer, there are a few keyboard shortcuts that may be very helpful to you in making your entertainment experience more fun-filled.

  • Press F for fullscreen
  • Shift + Left Arrow to rewind
  • Shift + Right Arrow to fast-forward
  • Press M to mute
  • Press the Up Arrow to increase volume and the Down Arrow to decrease volume
  • Press Enter to play/pause
  • Press Page Up to play and Page down to pause
  • Press ESC to exit the full screen.

Delete Your Viewing History

People can be private about what they watch on the Internet. If you share an account with other people and don’t want them to know what’s on your watch history, there is a way out. Go to www.netflix.com/WiViewingActivity and sign in to your account. Select your profile and go through your viewing activity in chronological order. There you can remove any specific content you want from the list.

All these hacks mentioned above will let you get the most out of your subscription as a paid member of Netflix. You can now enjoy the world’s largest OTT platform and all the entertaining content it has to offer to the fullest.