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Services A Montana Family Law Attorney Can Provide You

Family laws are complicated, and being an attorney and helping out a family in a crisis is also challenging.

In Montana, divorce is a common thing, and as of 2020, the average rate of divorce was 2.3 per 1000 inhabitants even if the state’s divorce rates are low compared to others that do not mean that the families need the assistance of a family-focused attorney any less.

Commonly, couples who get married between the ages of 20 to 25 are more likely to get divorced in Montana. The top three reasons for divorce in the state are incompatibility, infidelity, and money-related issues.

If your family is going through such turbulent times, having an empathetic family lawyer who understands your needs will be a good idea.

Montana family law attorney

Here are some services a Montana family law attorney can provide you.

1. Contested Family law

Such cases are quite complicated as the couples do not agree or know their expectations from the divorce and child’s custody. These cases are hard on the couples, but they can also scar the children.

Having compassionate legal representation will ensure that your family is not hurt during the proceedings. While the details depend upon the complications of each case, a reputable family lawyer may charge $200 hourly. The attorney might also charge a retainer depending upon the case’s complications.

Herein, the pressure on the children is often more as they might have to be the ones to take sides, and the parents might start fighting ugly for their custody.

2. Uncontested Family Law

Under uncontested family law cases, the couple is aware of what they expect from the divorce. They have mutually agreed on expectations from the divorce and the child’s custody. These cases are less complex and have a lesser negative effect on children.

In such cases, they do not need help for representation but for filing the documents in the court and drafting responses. Having the right legal assistance in your corner ensures that all the paperwork and documentation are being done correctly.

Even if an attorney charges a retainer for such cases, it is often less than contested family law, but the hourly rate remains the same.

3. Limited scope representation

A Montana family law attorney may offer limited scope representation services as they will overtake some aspects of your cases while you would have to manage the rest by yourself.

These services are different as compared to traditional services. A limited scope representation includes helping out with documents, filing paperwork, or it may even considering representing you in a single hearing.

Limited scope services include motion filing, response to a motion, initial divorce paperwork, response to divorce notice document reviews, and power of attorney documents. However, depending on your case and its complexity, they might charge you a different fee. But, such bundled services are offered on a flat fee basis as you will only be seeking their services for a specific task.

These are some of the basic services you can expect from a family lawyer in Montana. Consider choosing a lawyer specializing in family law and understanding the complexity of family dynamics during such times.