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The Home Access Control System

Having a smart home equipped with cutting-edge technologies capable of autonomously programming, different domestic aspects and functions, is no longer science fiction. In recent years, the Home access control system has made great strides allowing to revolutionize the habits and domestic life of thousands of people around the world.

In this article, we will discuss specifically the operation of a Home access control system. This is exceptionally convenient and accessible in terms of cost-effectiveness, as it does not require high installation costs and is therefore within everyone’s reach.

What Is The Home Access Control System?

The home access control system is part of a security system that allows you to control who enters electronically, when, and at what time in your home or office. At the same time, depending on what type of access control you have implemented, you will see that you can facilitate access to whoever you want, even if you are not on-site, just with a click.

Nowadays, the access control system is used in many spaces: hotels, offices, public transport, elevators, shops, etc. houses are not much behind. More and more people are implementing the Home access control system.

It is one of the most popular methods due to the simplicity and comfort offered by an automatic machine with the latest technology. With it, you can get more controlled access, giving a greater sense of control and security.

Types of Home Access Control System

Network Access Controls:

They are the most complete and complex. In addition to opening accesses to authorized personnel, they record the entrances and exits of each member. They are connected to a network, to keep records of the inputs and outputs, which are held on a storage medium. In this way, they allow controlling the presence of each family member within the company. Its mostly used in offices and factories.

Autonomous Access Controls:

They do not keep control of the entrances and exits of the personnel. Therefore they do not need to be networked. They only provide access or egress to authorized personnel.

How Does Home Access Control System Work?

One of the most exciting aspects of a home access control system is that you can access it from anywhere and at any time of the day. All you need for this is a mobile device that allows you to connect to the cloud to which the controller is connected.

To manage the accesses, create different types of permissions, check who has entered or left, and at what time, you only need to access the website or the mobile application to be able to know all this information and manage it. At the same time, as we mentioned before, you can open and close doors remotely with the application, as well as lock tags (the new key).

To give you an idea, each door will have a cylinder, shield, or manual reader that will only open if the tag has the appropriate permissions. If this is not the case, the security system cannot be circumvented, and the office or home will be kept safe.

Advantages of Home Access Control System As A Security Measure

One of the significant contributions of access control is that, as an effective security measure, it favors the feeling of being in a safer and more peaceful environment. Here are other advantages that may be interesting to you:

  • the home access control system allows effortless control of entries and exits since it generates reports on each tag (entry key associated with a person).
  • The fact that it is an automated system that allows cost savings in personnel.
  • It offers an increase in security in any space, be it the home or the office, since it can only be accessed with a tag.
  • The registration time of each person is carried out quickly and without costs. Suitable for the employee, good for the employer.
  • When we talk about an office or business, we must also bear in mind that this type of access allows us to control the public’s exit and entry better.
  • It is very comfortable to be able to access or block the doors from opening remotely. In the same way, you can do the same with the operation of the tags (key), being able to block or modify the permissions of each one of them.
  • Easy control and management of this security system through the internet, either from a computer or the mobile phone itself.

Elements And Accessories Of An Access Control System


It is the essential part of the access control system since all the connections will arrive (from the readers, locks, exit buttons, and door status sensors); in most cases, these are already integrated into proximity or biometrics.


It helps us to manage the access system and allows us to see the access logs in real-time; it also has the function of making reports.


Elements to keep the door closed; the most common and used are magnetic sheets and electric plywood. The choice depends on the type and material of the door.

A Source With S Battery Charger

This is to provide power to our locks and ensures that in the event of a power failure, there is the power to open our door.


Request to exit. It is the button to request departure at the door.

Door Sensor

It is a small magnetic contact, but necessary if we want to know if someone is forcing the door or if the entry has been left open in an access

Why Should You Install A Home Access Control System In Your Home?

There are several reasons why you should have a Home access control system at home, but there is 3 great value, which will allow you to make a decision as accurate as it is, to have a smart home.

Security, energy-saving, and comfort are the reasons that have led many people to install or implement home automation technology in their homes.


Until not long ago, the home access control system was mainly used in business and industry. However, they are increasingly used in areas that range from the organization of events to public administrations and even in homes. As we have seen, the installation of an access control system in a home has many advantages. Our Daily life is more and more secured with technology.