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Apply These Toilet Cleaning Tips and Clean Your Toilet Perfectly

If you ask anyone what is the most annoying task in your house? Most people reply ‘’toilet cleaning’’. We also agree with you. We also agree it is not such a job that is enjoyable. You can dislike toilet cleaning, but you cannot avoid it because you always want to see your toilet neat and clean and obviously free of bad odor also, right?

If you learn how to clean a toilet perfectly, you will be able to clean the toilet within a while and with less effort. So, let’s how easily you can clean the toilet applying the toilet cleaning tips suggested by Living Norm!

You May Need the Following Items

You know there have different types of problem areas in your toilet that may come as the cleaning parts. That is why the following items you should have to prepare yourself for cleaning the toilet properly.

  • Toilet Brush.
  • Paper Towel.
  • Toilet Cleaner.
  • Rubber Gloves.
  • Household Sponge.
  • Bathroom Spray Cleaner.

The toilet cleaning methods are not always the same. It depends on the condition of your toilet, you know. That is why here we share different methods for you. First of all, try to understand the exact condition of your toilet and then follow the appropriate methods from the following.

The Toilet Cleaning Basic Mechanism

You can follow this method when you go to clean the toilet in a conventional way. If you clean your toilet twice a week, the method is appropriate for you. If not possible, twice a week, clean at least once a week.

  • Use a strong cleaner and spray the toilet with it. And wait a few minutes after applying the cleaner, but don’t wait too much.
  • Then take the toilet brush and scrub the bowl gently. Be careful while scrub as any drop doesn’t come to any part of the body.
  • Now take the bathroom spray cleaner and spray over the lid and the surrounding areas of the toilet. Now take the paper towel and wipe the areas where you apply the spray cleaner.
  • You have to confirm that you have touched all the portions of the toilet. You should complete the cleaning process without cleaning the body of the toilet and other parts.
  • Make sure you have cleaned the toilet top to bottom. Some areas are hard to reach; in this case, you can use a toothbrush to reach the complicated areas.
  • After confirming all the areas are cleaned, now flush the toilet. Flush the toilet one more time to ensure all the chemicals have come out from everywhere. Simple.

Clean the Hard Stain from the Toilet

The hard stain makes a toilet ugly looking. But we can remove the stain to make the toilet neat and clean. You are a few steps away from removing the stain; just clean the stained toilet as the following method.

The cleaning process is almost the same, but there you just need to use a different cleaner. First of all, you can use Coca-Cola. Just pours the Coca-Cola drinks and lets it sits for about an hour and then scrub and flush. There is no stain, magic.

Secondly, you can try to remove the stain using a pumice stone. Hold the stone and apply slight pressure on the stain. Don’t use it frequently; otherwise, your toilet may get scratched.

Thirdly, vinegar is an excellent solution that can remove the stain. Take a toilet paper and wet it with vinegar then place the toilet paper over the stain. It works, it really works.

Though toilet cleaning is not enjoyable, it is not too hard also. If you clean the toilet regularly at least once a week, you feel you can easily clean your toilet every time. But long term use of the toilet without cleaning leads the toilet getting stain that becomes complicated to clean. So, clean the toilet regularly to make the cleaning easy.