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Top 10 Lawn Care tools

I guess we all know the purpose of tools is to make the job easier and less time-consuming. In the early days, we took care of our lawns with a bunch of manual tools like Soil Knife, Pruning Shears, and many more. Though we still use many of those now, we use some additional automated tools which make the job much more comfortable. But those who don’t have much experience with tools could be confused as there are hundreds of options available. That’s why I am going to write down some of the essential Lawn Care tools in this article.

Safety comes first

No matter we are driving our car or take caring of our back yard, safety should be our priority concern. So, before buying any tool, buy a pair or hand gloves and protective goggles. If your lawn has a couple of trees and needs regular pruning, then don’t forget to purchase helmet and metal cap boots. As you have to work wearing gloves, so before selecting them, make sure they are comfortable and accurate size for your hand. 

Lawn care tool list

Here is a list of the commonly used tools in our garden. Some of them are cheap, where some are expensive. But if you are on a budget, you can find a cheap substitute for these tools.

1. Pole saw

It is another automated tool for cutting down the tree limbs. A pole saw is a saw attached by a pole. There are two types of pole saw available, and those are electric-powered pole saw, and the gas-powered pole saw. Electric powered pole saws are lightweight and easy to operate. On the other hand, the gas-powered saws are heavy but more suitable for cutting the larger limbs. Just like the chainsaw, it also requires regular maintenance and safety gear. 

2. Rakes

There are different types of rakes available, and considering your requirements, you need to select your one. These long-handled tools can dig, spread, and gather. The metal tooth rakes mostly used for digging. But a rigid or garden rakes generally used for separating rock from soil or spreading dirt. But if you wish to clean the leaves, then you can just invest in a plastic leaf rake.

3. String Trimmer

Those who have a large plain yard, the string trimmer could be proven as a handy tool for them. They can smoothly cut down the growing grass and wide trees and give your lawn a perfect shape. Some String trimmer even features adjustable heads. So, you can cut down the grass with an ideal shape. Those who are blessed with a large lawn, then usually use the ATV string trimmer. These beasts can cut down an entire lawn within minutes. 

4. Shears

Cutting down the small tree limbs is essential to give the trees a perfect look. Those who like to decorate their plants, these handheld pruning shears could be a wise pick for them. These are cheap, and you don’t have to invest a couple of bucks on this manual tool.

5. Hand Trowel

It is a multipurpose tool and ideal for performing a variety of tasks. These are widely used to dig holes and plant seedlings and bulbs. These are also used to move a small amount of fertilizer and other materials.

6. Spreaders and Sprayers

The Spreaders and Sprayers are essential for perfectly disperses the fertilizer. To neutralize the weed and other unwanted plants, you can use the pressurized herbicide sprayer (one to three-gallon). If you have a larger yard (larger than half of the acre), then you may need to buy and backpack sprayer or ATV Sprayer. These have large sprayer have a capacity of more than five or more gallons.

7. Wheelbarrow

These are commonly used to transport soil, fertilizer mulch, hay, or other heavy equipment. It provides a great service and saves time. But now modern Wheelbarrows are connected with an ATV which makes the job easier. But those with a small size lawn may not require an ATV Wheelbarrow.

8. Chainsaw

It is the tool for doing big jobs like cutting a tree limb, which is causing problems for you and your neighbor. Be selective about buying a chainsaw, and this beast requires some additional accessories like an extra chain, chain sharpener, chain oil, anti-kickback, and a bunch of safety gear. Don’t buy a chainsaw less than 16 inches chainsaw blade and make sure the engine has enough power (2 or 3 horsepower at least). But don’t go for a heavy chainsaw as they are difficult to operate. These chainsaws also need regular maintenance. 

9. Leaf Blower

Those who don’t want to invest their time on swapping the leaf or dust by the rakes, they prefer the leaf blower. This beast can clean your backyard within a minute. Some of these models are also suitable for converting a leaf vacuum. These leaf vacuums are ideal for collecting dead leaves.

10. Pruning saw

Those who don’t have a large tree, they can simply buy a pruning saw and avoid investing hundreds of bucks on pole saw and chainsaw. Every garden should have a pruning saw in its inventory. These can cut down tree limbs (½ to 3 inches) can simply give your garden trees an attractive outlook. 

Most of the pruning saws are equipped with a rubber handle, which ensures perfect grip over the saw and makes the cutting job easy. But don’t invest in a pruning saw with less than 13- or 14-inches long blade. 

Final Verdict

I guess everyone wants their lawn clean and attractive. But to do so, you have to take the help of lawn care tools and equipment. There are hundreds of brands available who are selling these tools. So, collecting them won’t be a big issue.

You may not require all the tools for lawn care, but most of them are necessary. I hope after investing your valuable time in this article, you find your essential Lawn Care tools.