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Transform Your Home into a Natural Paradise of Tranquility with These Decorating Tips

City life is challenging, overwhelming, and depressing. People are constantly in a state of ‘go, go, go’. To accommodate a growing population, cities are turning into a concrete jungle. Wherever you look, you’ll see tall buildings and skyscrapers outlining the skyline. This isn’t an ideal sight to unwind and relax after a busy day at work.

While you cannot do much about the vanishing parks and greenery outside, you can shake things up inside your home. You can give your home a makeover to feel like you are living on the beach or in the middle of a dense jungle. Follow the given interior decorating tips to transform your home into an oasis of tranquility, peace, and quiet.

Introduce Greenery inside Your Home by Using Indoor Plants and Flowers

Tired of looking at tall, drab buildings? Change the scene inside your home. Integrate nature by getting houseplants and flowers. Indoor plants can be placed in the living room and bathroom. If you have a balcony, you can get flower pots to grow flowering plants. Window sills can be decorated with climbers and creepers.

By incorporating nature into your home, you will not just make your 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment appear lively, but also come home to better air quality. However, if you are not confident about taking care of the plants, you can always get fake ones and use it as a wall decoration.

Make Use of Natural and Soft Materials

Furniture and accessories made of natural materials are environment-friendly, long-lasting and give off bohemian, beachy vibes.

  • For a peaceful interior, it is best to use soft-colored furnishings, especially pieces that are made of wood. You can get wooden candle holders, rattan chairs, wooden dining table and chairs and so on.
  • Want to go for a tropical island theme? Incorporate some bamboo elements. You can get chairs made of bamboo, a coffee table and so on.
  • Miss vacationing on the beach? Bring the beach vibe inside your house by getting a hammock. This will be a super fun addition.

Choose Peaceful Pastels for the Interiors

For peaceful interiors, pastels work the best. These soft colors radiate peace and create a calm atmosphere in every room. You can color the walls of your home in pastel shades or install a wallpaper. You can also get soft furnishings in pastels like cushions, bedsheets, lamps, and other items of decoration. You can also consider grey and Earth tones. But, avoid loud, bold colors as that does not help in taking away the stress.

Get Wind Chimes and Unwind To Its Soothing Music

Wind chimes are known to produce a sweet sound that adds to the peaceful and relaxing vibe. To hand a wind chime, you need to have a hook-style plant hanger or a ceiling hook. The best location to hang would be near the window, door, or balcony. Basically, any place where the wind chime will get enough wind. The whimsical sound of the wind chime will drown the hustle-bustle of city life and transport you to a peaceful place of your choice.

Add a Water Element to Your Interiors

You cannot create a tropical paradise without adding a water element to the interiors of your home. But, an indoor hot tub or swimming might sound extreme. Not to mention, expensive and also impossible if you live in a 2 or 3 BHK apartment. An indoor swimming pool might be possible if you have the money and live in a bungalow.

The next best alternative to this is getting a small indoor fountain that can sit on your bookshelf or table. It can also be used as a centerpiece and kept on a table in the entryway. The sound of trickling water will soothe your senses. If you check Amazon or any e-commerce store delivering furnishings, you’ll find such fountains in various sizes.

Get Swings to Replace A Few Chairs

The seating arrangement in your house need not be boring when you have so many quirky options to choose from. From traditional to contemporary and modern, you will find swings in all styles to match your personality and existing interior design.

Some of the popular styles that you can get are:

  • A swaying loveseat where three people can easily fit
  • Nested outdoor swing that you can place in your balcony or your living room
  • Upholstered coordinated swing that can resemble like a sofa, but hung from the ceiling
  • The garden swing, which can fit comfortably in your balcony where you can enjoy the fresh air while reading a book or drinking coffee while also swaying for fun

Use Nature-Printed Wallpapers or Hang Paintings of Scenery

If you want to enjoy a beach or island vacation throughout the year, but it’s impossible, you can get prints of your favorite holiday destinations. You can maybe dedicate one wall of your home to resemble a beach scene. You can use wallpaper or if you’re a good painter, paint the wall. Also, you can hang artworks or photographs of nature. Such paintings and prints will keep your mind rested and relaxed when you are unable to go on holiday.

Get Jungle-Themed Printed Curtains to Turn Your Home into an Open, Natural Space

If you cannot accommodate a lot of plants into your home, you can get curtains that are printed with flowers and trees. Maybe a shower curtain that will make you feel like you are bathing under a waterfall, surrounded by nature. You can also get window curtains in such prints.

Turning your home into a paradise is important as you would want to come back to a calming sanctuary. But, it is especially important now because stay-at-home might be the ‘new normal’ due to COVID-19.