Troubleshoot Dlink router

It is possible that your router might have on-line limitations for various reasons. Your wireless D-Link router empowers you to attach each desktop in your home to the exact same high-speed.

In order to troubleshoot D-link Old or new router, you will have to follow these steps. You can reset your old routers as it solves the entire problem. Resetting your writer would probably solve most of your problems. For troubleshooting, you must be aware of your internet connection type and the default gateway as it is the basic requirement.


1. Connection check up

> Ensure that your router’s internet port (yellow in color) is properly connected to the modem using Ethernet cable.

> Plug in the modem, PC and the router to the power source.

2. Log into the Dlink router

Note: – you can log in to your router both the ways, either wireless or through wired connection.

For wireless:-

> All you need is a computer or a Smartphone with a browser installed in it.

> proceed to the WI-FI setting of your device and refresh the network list.

>you will find the Dlink network signal. Now connect to it and surf the internet.

For wired connection:-

> Open your browser and type and press Enter

> Here you will be able to see a login page. You need to enter your username and password in the empty fields.

3. Check your connection status

>After you log in, click on the status bar.

>check cable status.If it shows ‘connected’ then ok.  But it says “disconnected” then repeat step 1.

4. Change your password

>Now click on the setup button.

> Click on “Wireless Settings Connection Setup” button.

> Move downward and you will find written there “Pre-Shared Key”. Now, if you don’t see this then select a security mode from the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen first.

> Now type a new password.

Some Useful Tips after Setting up Dlink Router

Follow these useful tips to keep your Dlink router safe and long-lasting:

  • After Setup Please Login to Dlink router check that your router’s firmware is updated to the latest version. This will protect it from any malware attack and it also improves network connectivity.
  • For security turn off any guest network of the Router. This can be a window to access your data and privacy.
  • Unless you don’t play games on Xbox or play station don’t use 5GHzfrequency. It is of no need for general purpose. So keep it off.
  • Periodically keep your router off once in a week for it to cool down so that it can function efficiently.
  • There is New Tech called Mesh Routers In Market Available. Get Best Mesh Routers to Upgrade the Network if You Like


These were the tips and tricks related to the Dlink router. The above article gives you the quick fixes to all the problems you might face with the Dlink router. Follow the step by step. For old routers, it is recommended to reboot and reset the device using the provided button to resolve issues.