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Ukulele 101 | Ukulele Tips for Beginners

If you are looking for some ukulele tips for beginners, then rest assured you have come to the right place!

People keep saying: Good things come in small packages! Well, can’t say much about people or good things. 

But if we are talking about modern-day acoustic music, that proverb is absolutely on point.

Yeah, now we are talking about the trendy acoustic fascination, interestingly termed as Ukulele. As much as the name sounds delightful, once mastered, Ukulele can produce even more delightful pieces of music. 

If you have set your mind to learn how to play Ukulele, here are a few beginner’s tips to get things going for you. Make sure you give them a try.

Ukulele Tips For Beginners:

Ukulele Tips for Beginners

Buy a Decent Ukulele:

Unless you have a good Ukulele constantly at your disposal it gets really difficult to practice regularly. And as we all know, without practice learning something becomes extremely challenging. These days you can easily find quality instruments for a very budget-friendly and affordable price. 

There are plenty of online stores where you can purchase these beauties. And if you have the chance, go out and try some ukuleles from your local music shop. So, buy a decent one, and then learn to play your ukulele. 

Know-How to Hold This Thing:

Yeah, you can say it sounds stupid!

But trust me, it is significantly important and many beginners fail to hold their ukulele correctly. 

First of all, don’t hold it too tight. Playing while sitting, you can rest the body of ukulele on one of your legs and then rest your strumming arm on top of the ukulele. When you’re standing, hold it against your chest and let it be there with your strumming arm. 

If you really want to play the ukulele without making a mess here and there, practice to hold your instrument accurately and it will surely pay off in the long run. 

First Things First:

Learn the basics first like every other skill in life. Do not go for some fancy tabs yet. Stick to the basics. When you are just starting out learn the basic chords instead. 

Once the basic chords are well within your grasp, you will be playing all your favorite songs without even thinking how to play them.

Strumming is the Difference Maker:

Let’s be honest here. We cannot be just feeding you the methods and techniques of ukulele strumming. It is going to be all about practice and which eventually will make things perfect for you. 

But just to give a heads up: you might try to mix things up. Along with the simple up and down, up and down, try to spice it up with some slapping and palm muting. Gradually you will learn to play your ukulele a lot quicker and discover your very own strumming patterns. 

Have Fun and Practice Your Favorite Song:

There can be no better way to learn than to practice your favorite songs using ukulele. 

Just search for your favorite song and how to play it on YouTube. You should get plenty of ukulele tutorials. These videos can be of great help when you are just starting out. They usually demonstrate everything, from the chord progression to strumming patterns. Hence, choose one of your favorite songs, find its video tutorial, learn from it, and then just keep practicing.

Oops! We forgot to mention the most important part.

Never stop having fun with your ukulele. Remember, it’s a fun instrument. However, do not make the mistake of considering it ‘a toy instrument’. It takes a lot to master the art of playing ukulele perfectly. 

Give It a Name, Dude:

Sounds a bit cheesy, right? 

But this is legitimately a funny tip that can do wonder for you. A lot depends on what relationship you build upon with your cute little ukulele. That is why many musicians give their favorite instruments some cheesy names and try to impersonate some personality out of them. Sounds silly, but then again you just never know what will work for you.


There you have it. These ukulele tips for beginners probably will not make you a specialist or a master of the game. 

But what these will do is to guide your way forward as a ukulele musician. Get things started first, then gradually dive deeper into this art of playing the ukulele.