Vietnam tourist visa for Indians: some essential things to do

Are you an Indian and want to visit Vietnam? Do you want to see vie tam with all its grandeur and excellence? Do you know how to visit Vietnam on Indian Passport? Have you all insights into Vietnam culture and tourist attraction?

It is a fact that Vietnam is a well-known attraction for western visitors and southeast Asians. It is well known for its historical places and distinct culture, which makes it the destination of people from all over the world and especially Indians. Indian travelers are also looking for ways to visit Vietnam.

It is increasingly becoming a Hubspot for travelers. It has a history and unique visitors, attractions. If you are planning to visit Vietnam from India or another place, you need to apply for a Vietnam visa. If you want a Vietnam tourist visa for Indians, you may contact a professional visa service provider.

E-visa program

The good thing for Indians is that Vietnam launched its E-visa program for specific countries in 2017. India is one of 46 countries that may benefit from this facility and visit Vietnam. You may apply online for Vietnam visa electronically. The country has streamlined the traditional visa service, and now you can easily apply for a Vietnam visa.

So you are interested in the Vietnam visa. In this article, I shall give you a complete insight into the visa process for Indians. After reading the article, you will feel no difficulty in getting a visa from India.

Through the visa program, Vietnamese govt issues visas to foreigners, especially Indians. Your visa application is processed by Vietnam immigration through the online process. It accepts or rejects your request through this electronic system. You download your visa and use it for traveling to Vietnam on Indian Passport. With an online visa document, you have permission to visit Vietnam.

All Indian citizens require having a visa to enter Vietnam. It is a good thing for you that you can process it online.

Getting a Vietnam visa

If you want a visit visa as an Indian resident. You need to book an official appointment and meet Vietnam embassy officials. You can also apply for a visa. It takes less than one day to process your visa. You need not struggle much and face the be autocratic environment, which the traditional appliers have to bear. You do not search for the Vietnam embassy for this purpose. Just visit the Vietname immigration website and apply for a visa with only a click. Here is the process for visa application for Indian residents.


On the website, you need to fill an online application form where you will enter the name of the airport where you will land, your date of birth with nationality. You will also enter all your personal information, which needs to match the entries on your Passport.


Then you will need to pay visa processing fees and govt fees with your PayPal or credit card. Then there will be a confirmation email that will confirm the application. The immigration will process your visa application, and you will receive acceptance or rejection through email. It may take three days to process your visa application.

Now you will be able to download your Vietnam visa. It would help if you took the printout, and you will require showing it or stamping it at the airport. There are a lot of visa processing services which may help you in the job. There is a support service on a visa that may further assist you in the processing of your visa application.

After entering Vietnam

Once you have entered Vietnam, you will have some problems. You may book an agency to manage your stay or hire a guide. You still need a new visa at the Vietnam immigration department if you want to extend your stay in Vietnam. Frequently, Indians visiting Vietnam may require an extension a rest, and you need to apply once again.

Some important things to do

For an Indian visitor visa holder, it is necessary to renew your visa after 30 days of visa, and it is following Vietnam visitor visa regulations and laws. They may issue a new permit if an authorized organization or an individual requests your entry. It would help if you had a sponsor or an expert service for the purpose.

Your Passport must be valid for six months when you apply for a visa to Vietnam. There must also be two black pages for immigration stamps and border control approvals. It is a must, and you keep it in mind.

Visa service

There are some professional services which may help you in the processing and approval of your visa. Vietnam tourist visa for Indians is not problematic with these expert services.