4 U.S. Wellness Destinations Where You Can De-Stress

Most of us arrive at a point where a good night’s sleep or even the weekend just doesn’t seem to cut the exhaustion we feel. To rest and relax at a rejuvenating environment far from the bustle of city living, a wellness retreat is often recommended and highly needed.

From the labor of daily jobs, it has even become a chore for some to even plan their supposed relaxing getaway. To save you from the added stress from planning your next de-stress vacation, simply take your pick from the best outdoor spas and wellness retreat destinations in the United States.

1. Take a slice of the Gulf Coast Paradise that is the Perdido Beach Resort

If you are looking forward to a peaceful weekend at an island oasis, watching pelicans perch at the shores while heroes swoop and stroll over the blue-green waters, Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama is the location you never knew you needed. Check out this quick guide to Perdido Beach Resort.

Enclosing an exclusive area near the Alabama Point locally known as “The Pass,” take a guided boating tour and watch the waves and rock formations as the Intracoastal Waterway crosses with the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While on the topic of water-based adventures, another must-try is the Gulf Coast Adventure organized by Wild Hearts, one of the local outfitters offering guided tours for tourists. Brave the waters of the Gulf atop a 53-foot, open-ocean catamaran.

If you prefer a little more height, try out their Sky Surfer Parasailing and coast in the air and see the Gulf and the Orange Beach from a bird’s eye view. For relaxation, the resort offers a variety of spa services, facials, and full-body treatment that will definitely leave you lighter and brighter than before.

Lastly, take the opportunity to meet new friends and mingle at the community events open for locals and of course, visitors staying at the Perdido as well as other accommodations in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

2. Lock-in The Lodge at Woodloch

For that unique serenity found at lakeside lodges, surrounded by forests and mountains, the Keystone State just might have the wellness destination you are looking for. In the small, peaceful town of Hawley, by the Little Teedyuskung Lake is The Lodge at Woodloch.

Embracing a philosophy of personal awakening, The Lodge offers more than 35 classes every day for you to choose from and attend. Take this chance to reconnect with former interests and hobbies, as well as learning new ones and hope to finally understand yourself better.

The resort also offers more than 6 miles of trails with hammocks placed at specific locations around the trail. You can hike and walk alone, ride a bike, or during wintertime, strap on a snowshoe or rent a mobile. You can also find solace from the edges to deep in the middle of Little Teedyuskung Lake by renting a kayak or a small fishing boat.

As with most wellness spas, experience a nature-based detox and join any of the resort’s sessions on hatha yoga, guided meditation. If you are feeling lost or looking for peace or clarity, try restorative yoga. Better yet, have a chat with their friendly Spa Concierge, try to put your wants and needs into words and they will prepare a treatment experience custom-tailored just for you. Take for example their post-treatment relaxation areas – you can choose whisper, for a silent sanctuary where you can listen to yourself, or gather, for an open, social suite where you get to interact with other wanderers such as yourself.

3. Let the desert winds take your worries away at Miraval

For your unique wellness weekend set against the sprawling desert backdrop and the shadows of the Santa Catalina mountains, the Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona even offers a private pool for you to lounge in as you enjoy the scenery.

Find time to stroll and stop to smell the flowers at the resorts’ gardens. Also, to de-stress, check out their spas that offer renowned treatment methods and techniques taken from all over the world. Challenge yourself and go hiking, biking, and even horseback riding as you explore and play around the 400 acres available to help you find that renewed motivation.

Set the bar even higher and get that adrenaline rush you won’t find in your office cubicle by going mounting biking or climbing at the nearby sections of the Santa Catalina. Take note that these activities are scheduled and under the supervision of trained experts.

For their desert-draped spa services, enjoy most world-class treatment techniques and leave your body in the care of professionals. Aside from hair and nails, skincare, and full-body massages, the Miraval at Tucson also offers Body Renewal Rituals and Pampering Sessions for Mothers-to-be.

Also, the resort offers culinary classes where most of the ingredients, including the honey, if required, are homegrown. Most fruits, vegetables, as well as the livestock can be found within the expanse of their gardens. Wash down that farm-fresh produce with a glass of wine or a taste or two of a signature cocktail drink.

4. Go for the Top Treatment at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne at the Grand Bay Drive in Miami, Florida boasts top amenities lying along the stretch of the renowned golden sands of Florida beach. Both the facilities and the therapists you will find at the Ritz-Carlton are often ranked among the best in the U. S. While they offer a wide variety of spa treatments, most of them give off that tropical seaside feel.

The world-class spas that awaits also pays homage to the indigenous Tequesta people who once lived along these sands by using coconut oil as a main ingredient in most of their treatments.

Aside from the top wellness centers, the resort also offers a Digital Detox Concierge – to help cut you off from the Information Highway and give you that complete peace free from your office phone calls, work e-mail, and even nagging posts from your social media accounts.

The resort lets you choose between the comforts of indoor dining or complete your seaside experience with their beachfront dining restaurants. Either way, you can definitely rest assured that the meal meeting you at the table is freshly caught and locally-sourced.